Aryballe Launches New Advanced Analytics Toolset

Exclusive to the cloud and part of Aryballe’s SaaS platform, the solution enables remote access and support for olfactory data

GRENOBLE, France--()--Aryballe, the pioneer in digital olfaction, today announced the launch of its Advanced Analytics toolset. Available exclusively in the cloud, Advanced Analytics is the first product in the global Aryballe SaaS platform, and is designed to support and provide remote access to data acquired using Aryballe NeOse Advance and Amplifier.

Digital olfaction is catching the attention of manufacturers across an abundance of industries - from automotive to perfume and fragrance to consumer-packaged goods. It is increasingly becoming a tool for companies to ensure quality and consistency of their products and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Through the use of tools such as Aryballe’s NeOse Advance with Advanced Analytics, users will gain improved sensor data analysis, which allows them to go beyond standard intensity and discrimination metrics. They will have access to higher-level metrics, such as chemical composition estimation via advanced machine learning, and advanced dataset filtering and outlier detection. Analyte zone selector is also available for customizing the window of sensor responses to analyze, which gives users more flexibility for complex samples.

“It’s clearer than ever before that when it comes to optimizing odor and taste within the food industry, data analytics is power,” said Florian Viton, Vice President, R&D Management Executive at CJ CheilJedang. “Aryballe’s advanced analytics capabilities enable us to analyze digital odor data better, helping us enhance our digital transformation efforts and provide our consumers with the highest quality products.”

Engineered to assist in chemical and olfactory analysis laboratories and product development, Aryballe’s Advanced Analytics solution provides users with a robust digital olfaction technology evaluation. It can be applied to three core scenarios:

  • Improved assessment of measured samples for database building
  • Enhanced flexibility for discriminating product samples
  • Advanced metrics around limit of detection for intensity-based decision making

“At Aryballe we are helping companies realize the power of the senses and introducing them to digital olfaction as a way to improve their manufacturing and quality control processes,” said Sam Guilaumé, Aryballe CEO. “The introduction of Advanced Analytics will empower users to more quickly and better understand the data available to them and therefore apply it to important business decisions.”

Advanced Analytics is available this summer. For more information on Aryballe’s digital olfaction technology, please visit

About Aryballe

Based in Grenoble, France and founded in 2014, Aryballe combines biochemistry, advanced optics and machine learning to mimic the human sense of smell. The company’s premier product offering, NeOse Advance, uses silicon photonics technology to detect, record and recognize odor data, which powers improved decision making for R&D, quality control, manufacturing and end-user experiences. Aryballe Suite, the company’s cloud-enabled software, enables customers to intuitively access and customize analysis of odors based on their unique needs. With operations in France, South Korea and the USA, Aryballe works with global leaders in automotive, food manufacturing and flavor & fragrances.


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Elizabeth Facteau
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