Ring Container Technologies Releases Inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance Report

Silver medal sustainability rating puts company in top 25% of plastics industry

MEMPHIS, Tenn.--()--Ring Container Technologies, a leader in the plastic container manufacturing industry, today announced the release of “Pursuit of Excellence 2021,” the company’s first environmental, social, and governance (ESG) report.

The release of the report follows a year of significant progress toward the company’s long-standing sustainability initiatives, which balance reliability and affordability for customers with innovations that have reduced millions of pounds of plastic materials, minimized energy resource intensity, and helped customers eliminate food waste, among other achievements.

“Ring is proud of our commitment to responsible, sustainable practices, which are at the core of our business,” said Brian Smith, President and Chief Operating Officer of Ring Container Technologies. “In order to remain on the leading edge of the industry, we know that we need to deliver on those efforts now, not simply planning for the future, with best-in-class plastic container solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations for quality, price, and reliability while minimizing impact to the environment.”

Ring’s ESG standards are built upon several core pillars, including a corporate culture in which people are challenged to be leaders, inspired to be innovators, and rewarded by work; a “focused plant” philosophy that ensures plants with the most advanced technology are geographically located near major customers; and a commitment to be fiscally, socially, and environmentally responsible in each stage of the company’s development.

Among the results highlighted by “Pursuit of Excellence 2021” are the following:

  • More than 10 million pounds of material reduction, which was achieved using Ring’s proprietary TRIMLITE® products.
  • The company’s selection as the winner of Infor’s Customer Excellence Award for driving innovation and showcasing exceptional business results.
  • A silver medal sustainability rating on the company’s benchmarking assessment through EcoVadis, putting Ring Container Technologies in the top 25% of the plastics industry.

An additional goal Ring is working toward is reducing energy intensity by some 20% on average across all its plants by 2028 from 2018 levels, pledged through the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Plants Program.

To review the company’s complete 2021 ESG report, click here.

About Ring Container Technologies

Ring Container Technologies is a multinational corporation headquartered in Oakland, Tennessee. Focused on developing container technology solutions for its customers for more than 50 years, the company has grown to be an industry innovation leader and one of the largest plastic container manufacturers in North America. With a commitment to be fiscally, socially, and environmentally responsible, Ring Container Technologies strives to advance innovation while exceeding expectations by design. For more information, visit www.ringcontainer.com.


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