Getwallet to Enable Token Transfers Around the World as Simple as Sending SMS

The developers of the Getcontact application introduced a new digital wallet for storing and transferring cryptocurrencies around the World. Focusing on streamlining mobile users' to access the crypto world, Getwallet aims to make cryptocurrency transfers as simple as sending an SMS. Russia will become a pilot region for launching the project.

Getwallet to enable token transfers around the world as simple as sending SMS (Graphic: Business Wire)

MOSCOW--()--According to the creators of the new service, Getwallet is designed specifically for users seeking to transfer funds, store assets, trade and diversify their cryptocurrency portfolio with its user friendly approach that can become a universal solution to help more people benefit from the blockchain technology.

“Thanks to Getwallet, the user's mobile identity can actually be recognized as their crypto wallet by syncing their phone number to their wallet address and start transferring funds to their contacts in just a few clicks. Regardless of their location, transactions can be made with a quick, simple, and reliable way” the developers of Getcontact announced.

Getwallet technology is built for simplifiyng the onboarding process and providing an easy UX for everyone looking to use the services. The developers emphasize that using the crypto infrastructure should not be more difficult than sending a text or using a standard banking application.

“Long wallet addresses and complex transactions will become a thing of the past for Getwallet users which will allow them to transfer Getcoin, official cryptocurrency of Getwallet, using only a smartphone,” the leading developer of the app comments.

Forming a comprehensive services suite with and, Getwallet's primary markets include a diverse list of nations within America and Asia, particularly the CIS region and Indonesia.

Getwallet, which has been collecting early access requests for Getcoin from June 1, will make token publicly available on October 11, 2022. The developers emphasize that following a business model based on a user-driven economy, rather than investor demand, will give the early access opportunity for Getcoin to a limited number of users.

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