BioAxone BioSciences Announces Patent Issued for Pharmaceutical Compositions of BA-210, a Rho Inhibitor for the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury

Seeking Global Licensing Partner for Phase 3 Clinical Development and Commercialization;
FDA has granted Orphan Drug Status and Fast Track designation

BOSTON--()--BioAxone BioSciences, Inc., a clinical stage biotechnology company committed to discovering and developing drugs for neurological conditions, today announced that a new patent has been issued for BA-210, a Phase 3-ready pro-regenerative drug candidate for the treatment of spinal cord injury. The new U.S. patent 11,324,802 covers pharmaceutical compositions of BA-210.

“There is an urgent unmet need for new medicines for patients with acute spinal cord injuries,” said Lisa McKerracher, PhD, CEO, BioAxone BioSciences. “When central nervous system trauma occurs, neuronal Rho is ‘hyperactivated’ and that halts axon regeneration.” Dr. McKerracher continued, “Rho is the signaling molecule that acts as the ‘mastermind switch’ that regulates the growth and regeneration of injured axons. By inactivating Rho, BA-210 is designed to stimulate the regeneration of cut axons.”

Rho as a target to treat spinal cord injury has been validated by multiple laboratories. After a spinal cord injury, the enzyme Rho regulates events that culminate in collapse of the neuronal growth cone, failure of axonal regeneration, and, ultimately, failure of motor and functional recovery.

BA-210 is a first-in-class, topically applied, biologic Rho inhibitor. BioAxone BioSciences developed BA-210 to inactivate Rho and has brought the compound forward to clinical testing. BA-210 has both orphan drug status and Fast Track designation from the FDA.

BioAxone Biosciences seeks a global licensing partner for clinical development and commercialization of the drug candidate which has a demonstrated safety profile and reported clinical data from completed Phase 1b and Phase 2b clinical trials. The newly issued patent extends the commercial opportunity for BA-210.

BioAxone has previously partnered a proprietary portfolio of ROCK2 selective Rho kinase inhibitors. The lead compound is an oral kinase inhibitor for treatment of cerebral cavernous malformation (CCM) and other neurovascular disorders. The NIH Small Business Innovation Research program supported proof of concept studies.

About BioAxone BioSciences, Inc.

Based in Boston, BioAxone BioSciences is a clinical stage, neuroscience biotechnology company which applies its deep understanding of axon regeneration and neuronal signaling pathways to discover and develop new medicines to transform the lives of patients afflicted with neurotrauma or neurovascular disorders. Leveraging 20 years of pioneering research in axon regeneration and diseases involving Rho/ROCK signaling, BioAxone’s lead drug candidate is BA-210, for the treatment of acute spinal cord injury. The company is seeking a global licensing partner for BA-210 to take on clinical development and commercialization.

A second drug development program for treatment of spinal cord injury is focused on the intrinsic barriers to regeneration brought on by neuronal aging. This compound is in preclinical testing in collaboration with the Tanenbaum Open Science Institute of McGill University.

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Beth Kurth
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Release Summary

When CNS trauma occurs, neuronal Rho is ‘hyperactivated.’ By inactivating Rho, BA-210 is designed to stimulate the regeneration of cut axons.


Beth Kurth
Conway Communications