Secfi Launches the Market’s Most Comprehensive Online Equity Planning Tool

Secfi expands its equity suite to include a first-of-its-kind online planner for startup employees to make more informed decisions about their stock options

NEW YORK--()--Secfi, the leading equity planning provider helping startup employees navigate important financial decisions around their stock options, today announced a new online equity planning tool to help them compare different choices relating to their equity, such as exercising earlier in their vesting schedule, waiting until an IPO to exercise, or exercising upon leaving the company. The Equity Planner allows Secfi’s users to see the pros, cons, costs, and potential outcomes of the several options available to them. With this new, free tool, anyone with startup or private equity can make an informed decision by getting a personalized understanding of their equity and the impact of exercising stock options at various points in time, at no cost.

“Our primary focus is to empower people to plan proactively for their equity,” says Frederik Mijnhardt, CEO of Secfi. “The Equity Planner is the most comprehensive and user-friendly way for startup employees and shareholders to compare and make smart decisions for their equity.”

Secfi’s Equity Planner will allow you to enter all of your equity details, including multiple stock option grants, to see the following:

  • How much your equity is worth today and in future potential scenarios
  • The full cost to exercise now vs. later, including any likely tax implications
  • Your potential gains if you exercise now vs. later
  • A side-by-side comparison of all your different equity scenarios

Plus, you’ll have the ability to save your plan so you can return later, or update any information as you need to.

“We’ve built this self-guided tool to give startup employees answers to the most common scenarios when working with clients,” says Vieje Piauwasdy, Senior Director of Equity Strategy at Secfi. “And providing visibility into these scenarios requires a deep understanding of how equity works and the complicated tax laws. That’s why we’re so excited to share a free tool that can simplify all of that in a single browser window.”

With the launch of the Equity Planner, Secfi is uniquely positioned as the ultimate resource for all startup employees with equity, regardless of their personal equity value, their company’s growth stage, or employment status. Since 2017, Secfi has been the startup community’s leading equity advocate, and has worked with employees from 80% of all U.S. unicorns including Airbnb, Palantir, and Doordash, helping them understand, maximize, plan, and provide cash to unlock the value of their stock options. Around 30,000 startup employees have used Secfi’s platform for equity planning, representing over $40 billion in equity.


Secfi is trusted by thousands of startup employees for equity planning and financing. We’re the first to provide a proprietary suite of equity planning tools, 1:1 guidance with licensed equity strategists, and a set of financing products that enable employees to own a stake in the company they helped build. We also provide company-wide education for startups at all stages to help their team make the best decision for their own situation. Currently, we have worked with employees from more than 80% of all U.S. unicorns. For more information, please visit


Bristol Jones


Bristol Jones