CMMC Accreditation Body Is Now The Cyber AB

DoD’s official CMMC partner organization launches comprehensive rebranding and new website

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md.--()--The CMMC Accreditation Body, Inc. today announced a major rebranding of its name, logo, and public-facing website, with the organization now doing business as The Cyber AB (pronounced with the “A” and the “B” enunciated separately). The exclusive CMMC non-governmental implementation partner of the Department of Defense, The Cyber AB initiated the changes as a long-planned milestone in its ongoing growth and maturation.

The organization’s official legal name remains the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Accreditation Body, Inc. Its roles and responsibilities with regard to its contract supporting the Department of Defense have not changed.

The Cyber AB CEO, Matthew Travis, expressed his enthusiasm for the change and explained the rationale. “We are very excited to usher in this new era for the organization. As we get closer to CMMC becoming an operational reality, it was important for us to distinguish ourselves more effectively. Our inaugural logo was essentially a direct replication of DoD’s program colors and mark, which was problematic due to the incorrect inference the public could easily draw, as was our inability to protect the intellectual property of the logo.”

“The new name, The Cyber AB, provides a more accessible common name and signals the organization’s potential future growth,” Travis explained. “First off, we were looking for a name that was a bit tighter and less of a phonetic challenge. Many people informally call us the ‘AB’ anyway, so The Cyber AB is a recognition and extension of that. Moreover, it is also a nod to our potential future growth as CMMC’s third-party cybersecurity validation process may be appealing to other sectors, agencies, or even nations outside of DoD’s formal program.”

Along with the new name, The Cyber AB has launched a new website ( designed for easier navigation than its original site, and including additional functionality—specifically, an enhanced Marketplace, a core capability that brings together the many interested parties and service providers involved in CMMC. The new website also provides more information, greater transparency about the organization, and is easier to search.

All CMMC Ecosystem credentials will be updated with the new Cyber AB emblem over the coming weeks.

“The original website got us to where we are, but it was not going to take us to where we need to be,” Travis reflected. “We hope all CMMC stakeholders find the new user experience to be much improved.”

About The Cyber AB

The CMMC Accreditation Body is a private, independent, Maryland-based, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that serves as the sole official partner of the Department of Defense, via contract, for the registration, accreditation, and oversight of the CMMC Ecosystem.


Joyson Cherian
W2 Communications

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CMMC Accreditation Body Rebrands as The Cyber AB



Joyson Cherian
W2 Communications