ZeroKey Unveils Hyper-Accurate 3D Location Technology, Quantum RTLS™, at Hannover Messe 2022

ZeroKey's Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Quantum RTLS anchor and Universal trackable devices (Photo: Business Wire)

HANNOVER, Germany--()--ZeroKey today unveiled their second-generation technology, Quantum RTLS™, the world’s most accurate large-scale 3D real-time location system (RTLS). The technology enables unprecedented operational visibility of manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and human-centric workflows to drive real-time optimization and integration of processes across entire organizations. Quantum RTLS™ provides hyper-accurate digitization of the location of assets for closed-loop control of highly dynamic workflows, real-time monitoring of human-centric processes, process analytics, and high-fidelity digital twinning.

To perform data-driven decision-making, businesses must be able to derive actionable information from the data they are collecting, and that is where ZeroKey’s technology excels. The true value of a connected asset is unlocked through Quantum RTLS™ location technology, enabling an organization to make better-informed and more timely decisions. Through the digitization of both time and location, ZeroKey provides the highest level of accuracy and actionable analytics through its Spatial Intelligence Platform, giving customers 4D operational intelligence that truly delivers on the promise of Industry 4.0.

“The hyper accuracy of Quantum RTLS empowers companies to solve problems that have never been solved before in industrial environments,” says Matthew Lowe, CEO & Co-founder at ZeroKey. “Production efficiency and operational visibility are exponentially increased when operations are digitized in 4D with millimeter accuracy. Our technology enables unprecedented process optimization and quality control, allowing businesses to maximize their output while reducing costly errors.”

Features and benefits of Quantum RTLS™ include:

  • Millimeter-level accuracy
  • Real-time 3D tracking
  • Operational visibility from a globally accessible platform
  • Unprecedented analytics and digitization of physical processes
  • Wide-area multi-floor/multi-room/multi-building scalability
  • Rapid deployments with patented self-calibration technology
  • Easy integration of third-party platforms through open API

Quantum RTLS™ will be available on June 30, 2022. For more information, visit

About ZeroKey: ZeroKey’s patented technology, Quantum RTLS™, is the world’s only wide-area, 3D, millimeter-level RTLS technology that closes the IIoT utility gap in factories, warehouses, and industrial environments worldwide, including with six of the largest ten major automotive OEMs. Powered by ultrasonics, Quantum RTLS™ delivers high performance and reliability at any scale with unparalleled simplicity and flexibility. With a range of trackable tags suitable for diverse applications, ZeroKey technology tracks the assets, processes, goods, and personnel critical to modern business with unprecedented resolution. For more information, visit


Hailey Monar
ZeroKey Inc.

Release Summary

ZeroKey Inc., a Canadian spatial intelligence company, unveils hyper-accurate Quantum RTLS™ technology at Hannover Messe 2022.

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Hailey Monar
ZeroKey Inc.