Announcing the 2022 Indigenomics ‘10 To Watch’ List

Indigenomics announces its 2022 '10 to Watch' List. (Photo: Business Wire)

COAST SALISH TERRITORY, VANCOUVER, British Columbia--()--The Indigenomics Institute is pleased to announce the 4th annual Indigenomics 2022 ‘10 to Watch’ List at the Indigenomics national Indigenous economic design forum.

The Indigenomics ‘10 to Watch’ List is an annual list hosted by the Indigenomics Institute that recognizes and upholds leadership and economic reconciliation in the emerging 100 billion dollar Indigenous economy. The ‘10 to Watch’ List highlights recent developments of Indigenous corporations, businesses, entrepreneurs, initiatives and partnerships that demonstrate leadership in the growing Indigenous economy.

‘The annual Indigenomics 10 to Watch Awards highlights exceptional leadership in advancing the Indigenous economy and recipients demonstrate innovation, partnership and inclusion. This year’s recipients represent what the growth of the Indigenous economy looks like in action.’ Carol Anne Hilton, CEO and Founder of the Indigenomics Institute.

This years’ recipients of the 2021 Indigenomics 10 to Watch awards include:

1. The Joint Economic Development Initiative- Fostering Indigenous economic development

2. Supernaturals Modelling – Innovation, industry visibility and inclusion

3. First Nations Power Authority- Sectoral leadership in growing Indigenous green energy initiatives

4. CreeCo- Emerging Indigenous economic strength

5. One Feather - Technology, digital innovation

6. Indigeno Travel- Innovation and sectoral leadership

7. Indigenous Box- Entrepreneurship, inclusion, supply chain

8. TMX Group- Leadership in economic reconciliation

9. Talthan Nation Development Corporation- Indigenous economic strength- partnership development and business innovation

10. Nassituq Corporation- Emerging economic strength- partnership development and business innovation

“One Feather is thrilled to be recognized as one of the Top 10 Indigenous Companies to watch for 2022! We strive every day to provide digital solutions to Indigenous people and communities which unlock wealth, build strong communities, celebrate our sovereign identity, and lift our people up. Thank you to the Indigenomics Institute for this prestigious honour and setting new courageous paths for all of us to better serve our Indigenous communities and people.” Lawrence Lewis, CEO and Founder.

The Institute would like to thank Axxelcus Capital for its ongoing support of the Indigenomics 10 to Watch list. Axxcelus is a capital and advisory firm that facilitates ownership in major assets for Indigenous communities. The Axxcelus approach is rooted in an understanding of the need for an unconventional range of options based on shared values and the need for meaningful community engagement to create the intergenerational impacts only possible through ownership efforts made today.

“Igniting the 100-billion-dollar Indigenous economy will require leadership at all levels. These worthy recipients are each trailblazers and innovators and we are proud to honor their efforts. Axxcelus exists to support the path to economic sovereignty for Indigenous communities and will watch with anticipation for the future achievements of these recipients." Paul Poscente CEO Axxcelus Capital Advisory

About The Indigenomics Institute

The Indigenomics Institute is the leading research, education, and engagement platform for supporting the rebuilding and design of Indigenous economies of Indigenous peoples worldwide. The Institute works to facilitate the realization of Indigenous modern political, economic, legal and community development objectives. Indigenomics is formed on the simple invitation of ‘Who wants to play Indigenomics?’

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