DeFiYield Onboards Leading Cardano DeFi Protocols to Yield Farming Dashboard

Additions of SundaeSwap and Minswap protocols to’s dashboard represent the first and only Cardano integration to a DeFi asset management platform

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates--(), a leading cross-chain decentralized security network and multi-chain digital asset management platform, announced today it has added leading Cardano-based DeFi protocols SundaeSwap and Minswap to its platform – making it the first ever yield farming dashboard to integrate with the Cardano blockchain. The new offering will allow individuals to track decentralized finance (DeFi) investments on Cardano, in addition to the existing 23 chains and more than 100 protocols already offered on the platform.

“We designed the DeFiYield platform to be the easiest and most accessible gateway to DeFi for anyone interested in crypto investing by providing the most comprehensive dashboard, safety features and education resources available,” said Michael Rosmer, CEO and Co-Founder of DeFiYield. “Being the only multi-chain asset management platform to offer Cardano protocols is a significant step in providing our users the broadest access to DeFi investment opportunities.”

The Cardano blockchain is the latest addition to the DeFiYield ecosystem, which includes 23 chains, more than 100 yield farming protocols, and an innovative suite of cutting-edge security tools that monitor investment risks in real time, including DeFiYield Shield, which automatically scans users’ wallets and provides risk-level data about the platforms they’re using, and Smart Scanner, a tool developers can use to identify and fix vulnerabilities in smart contracts.

“Having access to so many protocols and chains is a key component of safe, secure investing,” said Rosmer. “Users are seeking ways to generate yields despite recent market volatility and diversifying assets is a tactic investors often use to hedge against market dips. On, users can manage all of their investments across chains and platforms in one easy-to-use platform.”

SundaeSwap and Minswap, two decentralized exchange (DEX) protocols on the Cardano blockchain, are currently among the top trending protocols on the platform, with the highest total value locked, with $34M and $67M locked.

For more information about DeFiYield’s Cardano dashboard or investor educational resources, please click here.

About DeFiYield:

DeFiYield is the only cross-chain multi asset management dashboard for yield farming. It provides an all-inclusive dashboard with more than 100 yield farming protocols and 23 blockchains, for experienced blockchain investors with multiple yield farming investments across the DeFi ecosystem, all in one united point of access using a simple and secure interface.

Providing tools for investors to safely, securely and confidently access the benefits of yield farming is central to DeFiYield's platform. Its audit database includes the largest collection of DeFi project audits, enabling investors to vet projects before they engage in them. Separately, through an integrated REKT database, users can track malicious behavior across the DeFi ecosystem. For more information, please visit


Jon Brubaker


Jon Brubaker