Ashling to provide RiscFree RISC-V Toolchain support for Intel FPGAs

DALLAS--()--Intel Vision 2022 -- Ashling has announced that Ashling’s RiscFree Toolchain will provide support for Intel FPGAs including Intel’s Nios V Processor later this year.

RiscFree is Ashling’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) including a Compiler and Debugger and provides software development and debug support for Nios V, the next generation soft processor for Intel FPGAs based on the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture.

Since its introduction, Ashling’s RiscFree toolchain has been steadily building market share within the embedded tools market and is particularly strong in the RISC-V market where its ease-of-use, broad functionality and plug-in architecture have made it the go-to choice for 32-bit and 64-bit RISC core software development.

“We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Intel, and the inclusion of Ashling’s RiscFree tools as part of Intel’s solution for Nios V processor software development and debug. We believe the support of our market leading RiscFree Toolchain will help in speeding up the deployment of Intel’s Nios V processor powered solutions across the family of Intel FPGAs.” said Hugh O’Keeffe, CEO of Ashling.

“Intel is pleased to work with Ashling to enable the RiscFree toolchain for our new RISC-V based Nios V processors,” said Deepali Trehan, Vice President Programmable Solutions Group at Intel. “Nios V opens an expansive open-source RISC-V ecosystem, allowing our customers to use their favorite toolchains while saving development cost and time.”

The RiscFree for Intel FPGAs toolchain features include:

  • Project Manager and Build Manager including Make and CMake support with rapid import, build and debug of Intel Quartus created application frameworks
  • Nios V GCC compiler toolchain fully integrated into the RiscFree IDE with support for newlib or picolibc run-time libraries using the Nios V Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) API for hardware access
  • Run-time Debug and Real-time Trace with support for the Intel FPGA Download Cable II (USB Blaster II)
  • Zephyr, FreeRTOS and μC/OS RTOS support and debug awareness
  • Custom instruction support and extensions for the Nios V processor

Read the joint Intel and Ashling white paper here and for more details on Intel’s Nios V see here.

About Ashling
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Nadim Shehayed

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Intel Partners with Ashling for RISC-V Tools Support


Nadim Shehayed