Lumiant Enters U.S. Market with Values-Based Financial Life Advice Platform

Service helps financial professionals strengthen current and next-gen client relationships while fueling referral growth

CHICAGO--()--Lumiant, an advice and ​client engagement platform that empowers advisors to connect with families around their values and money goals to make better choices and live their best financial lives, today announces its launch in the United States.

Lumiant currently serves nearly 4,000 families globally via its platform utilized by financial professionals, and is specifically designed to deepen client relationships and help advisors communicate their unique value while delivering tailored financial advice.​ Launched in Australia in February 2021, Lumiant makes financial advice more accessible by linking the experience, strategies, and recommendations to client values and life outcomes, rather than financial products and performance.

According to Santiago Burridge, Lumiant’s Co-Founder and Global CEO, an advice-led approach increases engagement with the couples and families who are the recipients of an advisor’s services. Lumiant’s platform gives advisors the tools to create deeper relationships with both the advisor’s primary point of contact as well as other household members and next-gen individuals.

For Burridge, this change is critical for firms to survive and demonstrate their value in a world in which low-cost, DIY fintech solutions and robo advisors are challenging advisors’ relationships with their clients. Additionally, Lumiant unlocks the full potential of your client base by better engaging the 50 percent of clients that are non-financially focused, which the incumbent financial services technology stack traditionally ignores.

“It is such a transformational time for the financial services industry, in the United States and beyond as technology has made an incredible impact on nearly every corner of financial services other than advice,” Burridge said.

“While product providers bring to market new technologies to distribute their solutions to the primary account holders, nothing has been built to better engage other decision makers and next-gen family members who might not have a direct line to the advisor, yet.”

“Having been an advisor for more than 15 years, I know that people are clamoring for a solution that heroes the intangible benefits humans bring to financial services–increased peace of mind, the ability to make confident decisions that help clients reach their life goals or develop better financial habits. Financial professionals are essential in delivering these benefits, so we developed a new innovation that brings every advisor’s superpower to life–their ability to help, guide and coach people to lead the lives they’ve always dreamed of.”

Through its memorable, measurable, and repeatable advice process, Lumiant allows financial professionals to scale their businesses, increase referrals, and drive revenue while fostering multi-generational relationships.​

Burridge founded Lumiant in 2020 with partner Chris Dadej, now Chief Technology Officer/Chief Product Officer. In April, the company was recognized on FinTech Global's 2022 WealthTech 100 list as one of the world's most innovative WealthTech solutions. Out of 1,200 companies, Lumiant was recognized for its innovative use of technology to solve a significant industry problem while positively affecting the lives of investors around the globe.

“Traditional financial planning software largely exists to onboard a new client and help sell portfolio management or other financial products,” said Gavin Spitzner, President of Wealth Consulting Partners and a non-executive director of the board at Lumiant.

“Lumiant has been purpose-built to sustain deep, meaningful long-term advice-based, emotionally charged relationships with clients. I have yet to see another technology provider champion and engage all members of a household like Lumiant. This is advice engagement at its finest, helping bring everyone along the journey by helping them understand how their financial professional guides them toward their best life.”

Lumiant Appoints US-based CEO

Coinciding with today’s news, Lumiant is pleased to announce the appointment of Blake Wood as its U.S. CEO.

“I could not be more honored to lead Lumiant’s expansion into the U.S. and bring its fresh, deeply relational model of financial advice to advisors across the country,” Wood said.

“Every advisor that we serve has an incredibly moving anecdote, or 10, about how they’ve helped clients lead their best lives. We look forward to creating more uplifting stories rooted in financial clarity for American families.”

Wood joins Lumiant’s global mission from Envestnet, where he was key in scaling the fintech giant and served most recently as Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy. Wood is a graduate of the University of Kansas.

The Lumiant Experience

Lumiant’s platform was created to deepen client relationships; drive new revenue, referral and retention opportunities; and industrialize an advice proposition around the client, not the product. Lumiant gives advisors the tools to provide personalized advice at scale using its highly engaging software-driven values-based advice processes. By using values as the guidepost for financial plans, advisors can use Lumiant to track and measure their clients’ financial and non-financial goals in a compliant way. In turn, clients will be able to quickly see the value of advice by seeing the direct impact it has had on their lives.

Lumiant's newest feature, launched in March, is a multiple goal optimization engine called Your Best Life. The new module is designed to help financial professionals showcase the value of their advice by giving clients the answer to the question every investor asks themselves: “Am I on track?”

Using a new approach to risk tolerance as well as Monte Carlo simulation modeling, clients can view their Best Life dashboard in real-time, simplify complex financial decisions, and gain just-in-time advice whenever needed. Unlike other modeling tools, clients can input different life scenarios and directly compare them to evaluate the financial impact of important life decisions, with or without their advisor. This helps them determine whether they’re on track, underfunded or overfunded on the pathway to achieving their most important financial goals.

Advisors can learn more about Lumiant, including white-label delivery and pricing options, by taking a free trial.

About Lumiant

Lumiant is an award-winning cloud-based advice and client engagement platform, where clients and their advisors connect around their lives, values and finances, helping them make better choices and live their best lives confidently. Lumiant proudly heroes advice—driving conversion, revenue, referrals and retention over multiple generations.

Lumiant removes key person dependency through its software-supported advice process by creating a memorable, measurable, and repeatable process that anyone can deliver. Lumiant transforms qualitative information into trackable quantifiable measures, anchored in a stochastic modeling process to illustrate to clients whether they are on track to living their best lives.


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