L-Nutra Reports Initial Data Showing Improvements in Metabolic Risk Factors in Patients with Prostate Cancer

First-of-its-kind study assesses Fasting Mimicking Technology in patients with prostate cancer

LOS ANGELES--()--L-Nutra Inc., the world’s leading nutrition technology company pioneering the discovery, design, and commercialization of novel programs and therapeutics that impact both the body’s metabolism and cellular rejuvenation, today announced data from a first-of-its-kind study evaluating the impact of its Fasting Mimicking Technology (FMT) on metabolic risk factors in patients with prostate cancer (PC). The pilot study indicates that cycles of L-Nutra’s patented program could have a role in supporting the metabolic health of patients with PC undergoing cancer therapy, especially those with metabolic impairment.

“Leveraging our insights into the complex interrelationships between metabolic determinants and cancer biology, L-Nutra is committed to developing the next generation of nutri-solutions for patients with cancer. While most companies develop drug-based solutions to mitigate or reverse the burden of cancer, L-Nutra is pursuing a revolutionary approach centered around a Fasting Mimicking Program – an upstream intervention with systemic benefits,” said Joseph Antoun, M.D., Ph.D., CEO and Chairman of L-Nutra Inc.

Obesity and metabolic dysfunction have long been linked to increased prostate cancer mortality and overall mortality rates. In addition, the treatment of prostate cancer with hormonal therapy often leads to metabolic syndrome. Data demonstrate that in men, a weight gain of more than 5% of the body weight after prostate cancer diagnosis is associated with a 65% increased risk of dying of prostate cancer and 27% higher risk of all-cause mortality and that a lifestyle modification leading to weight loss could delay or prevent disease progression, as well as improve quality of life.i,ii,iii

L-Nutra’s patented Fasting Mimicking Program is a form of periodic fasting, low in calories, sugars, and protein but high in unsaturated fats. The observational pilot study published in Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases, concluded that three monthly-cycles of an investigational formulation of a five-day Fasting Mimicking Program* was safe and tolerable in a pilot cohort of patients with PC. The study, which included a representative cohort of men with PC at various stages of their illness, also assessed the effect on metabolic risk factors associated with poor prognosis and features of a metabolic syndrome.

The study represents the first report on the use of Fasting Mimicking Program cycles in patients with PC and supports a rationale for further evaluation after two major features of metabolic syndrome were reduced in the study cohort PC patients after completion of the program. The study reported crucial metabolic risk factors with an average of 3.79 kg (8.36 pounds) of weight loss, 4.57 cm (1.80 inches) of waist circumference, and a decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure by 9.52 mmHg and 4.48 mmHg respectively. The high overall compliance of 83% indicated that the intervention was tolerable and sustainable over the study period. Sub-analysis further suggested that this FMT had more robust effects in patients at higher risk of metabolic syndrome than those with normal risk, pointing to future research areas and potential applications.

“We tested and published last year the Fasting Mimicking Program for breast cancer in two other trials as a support to standard chemotherapy and/or hormone therapy protocols,” said William Hsu, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of L-Nutra. “With this study, we continue to uncover the major role that nutrition, and therefore potential nutri-therapies, can play in cancer development, growth and treatment.”

L-Nutra plans to further evaluate the impact of FMT to support the metabolic health of cancer patients undergoing cancer therapy. For more information on L-Nutra and its revolutionary approach to targeting a broad spectrum of diseases with Nutritech Therapeutics, visit: www.l-nutra.com.

* The formulation used in the research study is investigational and not currently commercially available.

About L-Nutra Inc.

L-Nutra is leading the discovery, design, and commercialization of novel nutri-programs and nutritherapeutics with the mission of adding more life to human life. Current commercial products focus on wellness and healthy aging, including ProLon®, the first and only clinically tested 5-day fasting nutrition program designed to allow your body to enter a fasting state while still allowing you to consume nutrient-dense foods. L-Nutra also created the 1-day fasting nutrition kit ProLon Reset™ and ProLon Intermittent Fasting Bar®, the first nutrition bar specifically designed and clinically tested to support intermittent fasting. Nutrition for Longevity® is L-Nutra’s science-backed, chef-curated meal program, featuring farm-to-table meals formulated to address the nutritional deficiencies in today’s commercially grown produce. For more info, visit https://l-nutra.com/.

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Stephanie Guggenheim


Stephanie Guggenheim