Building Internal Apps Easier than Ever with Open Source Appsmith Templates

Pre-built application templates for Support, CRM, Customer Portals leverage Appsmith’s low code software helping developers save time

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Appsmith, the first open-source low code software helping developers to build internal tools, today announced availability of pre-built application templates that can be cloned and forked however needed to dramatically speed up the process of creating internal apps.

Adding between 5-10 templates every month, the company plans to have more than 100 available by year-end covering a variety of mainstream and niche use-cases, helping developers deal with their backlog of internal tools and take most of the tedium out of creating internal tools and apps.

“Every enterprise needs to build custom applications -- a slow, repetitive, expensive process -- that requires work on the user interface, integrations, coding the business logic, managing access controls, and ultimately deploying the app,” said Abhishek Nayak, co-founder and CEO, Appsmith. “Now, we’re providing users with free access to a library of pre-built templates which are completely customizable. Users can clone them and connect their own data sources. Really, the template application gives them everything they need and the ability to modify however they want for their specific needs.”

Appsmith has built, and continues to build, templates for common use cases. Plus, as a complement to the app templates, users are able to browse designs and adopt those elements into their apps and internal tools. Users are then able to connect the pre-built applications to their own data sources, including databases or APIs such as for Stripe or Google Sheets and can immediately start using them. This significantly speeds up their internal tool development process. Explore templates for a variety of functions and use cases here.

Appsmith users can contribute to the library by recommending templates or even sharing their own templates. Appsmith then, in turn, can showcase those templates to the entire user base.

Appsmith is the first open-source low code software that helps developers build custom (often critical yet tedious) internal and CRUD (create, read, update and delete) type applications quickly, usually within only hours.

About Appsmith

Appsmith was founded in 2019 with the mission to enable backend engineers to build internal web apps quickly with a low code approach. Taking an open source software approach provides anyone with access to the software and the opportunity to get involved in the community. The company has offices in San Francisco and Bengaluru, India. For more information visit


Joe Eckert for Appsmith

Release Summary

Appsmith announced availability of pre-built application templates to speed up the process of creating internal apps.


Joe Eckert for Appsmith