CalMHSA Selects Streamline’s SmartCareEHR Solution for Multi-County Behavioral Health Initiative in California

OAK BROOK, Ill.--()--Following a comprehensive evaluation, CalMHSA (California Mental Health Services Authority) has selected Streamline Healthcare Solutions as its technology partner in offering the SmartCare Electronic Health Record (EHR) to counties across the state.

CalMHSA, which provides California counties with an independent administrative and fiscal intergovernmental structure, has undertaken a major initiative to better enable counties to leverage best practices and economies of scale related to behavioral health and human services. CalMHSA chose SmartCare as the EHR technology solution for this initiative because, among other things, it is a true enterprise platform that can meet the needs of multiple organizations by providing a variety of services and it has the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements.

Dr. Amie Miller, Executive Director at CalMHSA, stated, “CalMHSA is excited to be partnering with Streamline Healthcare Solutions to continue our commitment to delivering solutions to our member counties that foster innovation, equity, and data-driven decision-making. CalMHSA believes that Streamline’s exclusive focus on the unique needs of the Behavioral Health Market, the agile nature of their Cloud-Based technology, and their organization’s willingness to enhance the SmartCare solution beyond the boundaries of a standard Electronic Health Record creates a unique environment through which the needs of a California Behavioral Health Agency can be supported on one platform.”

“Streamline is proud to partner with CalMHSA and add to our growing California user community of counties and providers,” said David Ryland, Co-CEO at Streamline Healthcare Solutions. “The combination of CalMHSA’s thought leadership and expertise and SmartCare’s industry-leading functionality will result in better behavioral health care for the most vulnerable individuals in California.”

“From the ground up SmartCare was built with the goal of being more than just an EHR. The CalMHSA team shares our vision of a comprehensive system that can automate and optimize the workflows of California counties,” said Javed Husain, Co-CEO at Streamline Healthcare Solutions.

About CalMHSA

The California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) is a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) supporting the public behavioral health system throughout California. It is a member-serving organization focused on supporting and enhancing the public behavioral health system that provides treatment for the most vulnerable individuals in the state.

CalMHSA provides counties a flexible, efficient, and effective administrative/fiscal structure focused on collaborative partnerships and pooling efforts, with an emphasis on the development and implementation of common strategies, programs, and solutions. It is committed to innovation, equity, and data-driven decision-making.

CalMHSA has a history of leading successful multi-county projects and large-scale state projects. Throughout all engagements, CalMHSA and its member Counties are driven by the belief that all individuals living with mental health and substance use challenges can reach recovery and can live full and meaningful lives with the necessary support.

About Streamline Healthcare Solutions

Since 2003, Streamline has focused exclusively on the Behavioral Health and Human Services market. The company is a trusted partner in building innovative technology solutions that empower organizations to improve the quality of life for those in need.

Streamline’s SmartCare is an enterprise, cloud-based, single-platform, intelligent Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution. Ideal for multi-faceted organizations that offer multiple types of services, SmartCare enables them to provide truly integrated care management and improve organizational efficiency.

In 2022, Streamline will launch its new SmartCare R6 user experience. R6 promotes individual user configuration, intuitively adapts to how users work and even intelligently anticipates users’ needs. R6 enables behavioral health organizations to work faster, better, and smarter than ever before, empowering them to achieve their mission of helping those in need not just today but into the future.


Cristina Prince, Marketing Manager
Streamline Healthcare Solutions


Cristina Prince, Marketing Manager
Streamline Healthcare Solutions