Prosimo Delivers Industry’s First Full-Stack Cloud Transit To Power Enterprise Multi-Cloud

Deployed by Large Enterprises, Prosimo Expands App-to-App Networking Capabilities to Broaden Autonomous Multi-Cloud Networking 

News Summary:

  • Prosimo introduces innovations for app-to-app networking across multi-cloud environments with features to Network Transit and App Transit to deliver the Full-Stack Cloud Transit
  • Additional ML-driven insights further Prosimo's autonomous multi-cloud networking capabilities
  • One consistent architecture to connect into IaaS, PaaS, cloud-native services and application endpoints

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SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--Prosimo, the Application Experience Infrastructure company, has introduced a full-stack cloud transit to power the enterprise multi-cloud.

In today’s multi-cloud world, IaaS, PaaS, and application endpoints connect using different networking technologies. Enterprises are struggling to accomplish this and facing mounting complexity along with increasing cloud costs that negatively impact time to value.

The new features in the Network Transit and App Transit provide enterprises with a full-stack cloud transit. The single architecture reduces complexity while giving enterprises the ability to:

  • Seamlessly orchestrate connectivity using cloud-native gateways and services for any cloud – multi-region, multi-cloud and hybrid on-prem
  • Simplify onboarding and day two operations across clouds to support diverse networks and applications
  • Scale transport with cloud backbone, edge PoPs and integration with cloud-native gateways in regions and at the edge of the cloud environments

“According to ESG research, as organizations continue to mature multi-cloud strategies, we’re seeing that 63% have IaaS and PaaS across multiple cloud provider environments. Interconnecting applications across VPCs and VNETs, cloud-native services and endpoints as well as building and delivering applications across cloud regions and service provider environments continues to challenge enterprises. Prosimo’s latest features deliver a full-stack cloud transit that simplifies app-to-app networking and provides deeper visibility and ML-driven recommendations to deliver autonomous multi-cloud networking,” said Bob Laliberte, Sr. Analyst, ESG.

Full-Stack Transit Broadens Autonomous Multi-Cloud Networking

The full-stack cloud transit combined with deep application-aware ML-driven insights furthers the autonomous multi-cloud networking platform. Enterprises continue to simplify and streamline operations across the entire cloud environment based on application requirements with the platform.

New features released as part of the Full-Stack Network:

  • Cloud Asset Discovery - gives enterprises the ability to discover all cloud assets, enable single-click onboarding for cloud network assets, and create network transit for hybrid, inter-region, and cross-cloud with segmentation.
  • Real-time App Transit Map - provides complete visibility into transit health based on application access and overlay views based on usage trends, cost, performance, or availability issues.
  • Dynamic Application Segmentation - enables enterprises to isolate or create tiers of applications based on application ID using service networking. Enterprises can also view transactions and dynamic risk scoring to define and model policies.
  • Cloud-Native Orchestration - simplifies orchestration across any cloud service provider environment, including AWS Cloud WAN, Azure Virtual WAN, and Private Link.

“As CIOs, cloud architects, and network engineers are increasingly facing the daunting task of connecting and managing a mix of legacy, modern, and next-generation applications across different clouds, enterprises must have a full-stack cloud networking fabric that provides a comprehensive view of applications and a simple, scalable and secure way to interconnect and replicate applications based on evolving business needs,” said Mani Ganesan, Head of Products, Prosimo.

“Prosimo continues to deliver innovations that simplify cloud operations and makes multi-cloud more scalable for enterprises. The new full-stack cloud networking fabric combined with deep application-aware ML-driven insights makes autonomous multi-cloud networking a reality. Having this single architecture with Prosimo makes it easier for customers to understand and consume, which for us as a partner makes this attractive,” said Grady Johnston, CEO, Aireagóir.

Since its inception, Prosimo has collaborated closely with customers, partners, cloud innovators, and thought leaders to guide its roadmap in alignment with the needs of enterprises for creating a fully autonomous multi-cloud networking solution that truly untethers enterprises from cloud obstacles. With a platform that understands each layer in real-time to support cloud operations, unnecessary blind spots and complexity are avoided.

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Prosimo delivers simplified multi-cloud infrastructure for distributed enterprise cloud journeys. Companies innovate faster and remain in control with the Prosimo integrated stack. This stack combines cloud networking, performance, security, observability, and cost management—all powered by data insights and machine learning models with autonomous cloud networking to reduce complexity and risk. Cloud-forward enterprises, including F100, have adopted Prosimo to successfully roll out revenue-generating applications, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate positive business outcomes. Prosimo is venture-backed by marquee investors such as General Catalyst and WRVI Capital. For more information, visit


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Release Summary

Prosimo expands app-to-app networking capabilities to broaden autonomous multi-cloud networking.


Press and Analyst Contact:
Matt Stubbs
280blue for Prosimo
(801) 703-6626