A Return to Office Battle Between Managers and Employees is Looming, According to GoodHire Survey

77% of US managers are prepared to fire, cut employee pay, or limit promotion opportunities for workers who do not comply with return to office mandates

SAN FRANCISCO--()--GoodHire, a leading provider of employment and background screening services, today released “The Great Return: Survey of Managers Reveals Return to Office Battle in 2022.” The survey asked 3,500 US managers about remote work, return-to-office mandates, and their preferred working model. The report reveals that 60% of managers either strongly agreed or agreed that a full-time return to the office was happening in the near future, and 75% of managers want workers in the office, citing the potential lack of focus, loss of company culture, and productivity as a reason to bring workers back.

This last point reveals a disconnect since the survey also shows that 73% of managers agreed that employee productivity and engagement had either improved or stayed the same compared with pre-COVID in-office work.

Managers admitted in the survey how difficult it is to manage remote workers and 69% are experiencing burnout with remote management, likely fueling the desire to manage in-office employees again. When it comes to how to handle disgruntled employees who demanded their remote work setup continue uninterrupted, 77% said severe consequences would occur (firings, pay cuts, loss of promotion opportunities, etc.).

GoodHire conducted the survey to identify current management trends and discover the working models that post-pandemic managers prefer and find out their remote vs. hybrid vs. in-office preferences as we see “The Great Return” beginning to take place.

“The survey results emphasize the disconnect between how managers feel about managing remote workers, and the productivity their teams are maintaining in remote work settings. Clearly, managers are struggling,” said Max Wesman, GoodHire’s Chief Operating Officer. “To fully benefit from a hybrid or remote work structure, leaders need to support their managers and implement the right training, tools, and programs to create a healthy environment for them to engage with their people wherever they’re located. Organizations that find a work arrangement that satisfies the majority of their workforce will benefit in the areas of recruitment, productivity, employee satisfaction, and retention.”

For the full survey results and analysis, visit: www.goodhire.com/resources/articles/the-great-return-manager-survey

For survey graphics, please visit: https://bit.ly/3x5AyQS

Survey Methodology

All data found within the report, The Great Return: Survey of Managers Reveals Return to Office Battle in 2022, are derived from a survey by GoodHire conducted online via survey platform Pollfish from March 14-18, 2022. The survey report includes the full methodology.

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