uStudio Integrates Enterprise Podcasting into Microsoft 365

Through Search, SharePoint, and Teams, enterprises can now promote, organize, and provide access to their uStudio podcast content

AUSTIN, Texas--()--uStudio, a leading platform in streaming media and podcasting for the enterprise, announced today new integration with Microsoft 365. uStudio customers can now use Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, and Search to discover and access enterprise audio and video podcast content on the uStudio platform. For business leaders with an investment in Microsoft products, this integration expands content discovery and engagement with relevant channels, shows, and episodes.

uStudio’s new integration comes on the heels of growth in the enterprise podcasting industry. As companies accommodate new work-from-anywhere policies, corporate media streaming networks are becoming an essential part of training and communications. Since podcasts can be played anytime, anywhere, uStudio gives time-shifted and multi-tasking workers an alternative to emails, newsletters and live video meetings.

"Transformative enterprise communications and training through streaming media is a fundamental goal at uStudio, and allowing access to that content across a range of business applications is an important part of getting it right," said Josh Marshall, CTO of uStudio. "We designed our platform from the beginning to ensure that our customers’ users could easily discover streaming content outside of our application while still enjoying our optimal, consumer-like streaming experience. I’m excited to offer our customers a new discovery path with our Microsoft integration.”

uStudio’s streaming media platform and apps integrate with the technology ecosystem of an enterprise, making it easy for users to move between tools to find the content they need in the format they prefer. Here’s how key services work with uStudio:

  • In Microsoft Search, keywords will automatically suggest the most relevant internal podcasts.
  • In SharePoint, companies have the option to embed podcasts into their pages for easy access, organization, and routing.
  • In Teams, users can share episodes, comment, react, or collaborate around shows. Teams can also automatically upload new episodes on podcasts as they are published, so employees will be alerted as new content is available.

Listen-watch formats continue to grow as the preferred communication medium over traditional read/write formats. Not only is listen-watch content preferred, but it’s also more effective at conveying meaning. uStudio works with innovative enterprises in tech, healthcare, law, finance, retail, and hospitality that are launching internal podcasting programs for training, DE&I, leadership communication, and company updates.

About uStudio:

uStudio, Inc. is the premier enterprise media platform for today’s digital workplace. uStudio’s private streaming applications allow businesses to host and deliver corporate audio, video and live content in a modern, Netflix-style user experience - reaching increasingly remote and hard-to-engage employees more successfully than traditional channels. The company’s patented platform, interactive media players and rich APIs are also used for a range of custom workflows and integrations for adapting business processes to the future of work. uStudio is loved by market innovators like 7-Eleven, Universal Music Group, Boston Consulting Group, Nike, Alcon and Novo Nordisk. For more information about uStudio, please visit


uStudio, Inc. does not have any type of partnership, relationship, or affiliation with Microsoft.


Kristina Leal, INK for uStudio


Kristina Leal, INK for uStudio