IngenioSpec’s Smart Eyewear Early Adopter Discount Program


SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--IngenioSpec’s early adopter discount program is in full swing as three more companies (including a multibillion global conglomerate) license their patents for smart eyewear technology.

For a few more months, qualifying businesses can license IngenioSpec’s market-leading patent portfolio at discounted rates. To date, IngenioSpec holds more than 40 patents in the market of smart eyewear and covers a diversity of related technologies and designs for smart eyewear, for example, that:

  • Receives input via touch pad and voice recognition.
  • Includes electronics in extended endpiece.
  • Includes circuit boards adapted to the shape of the eyewear.
  • Includes flexible circuit board extending through its hinges.
  • Includes radiation detection system.
  • Charges the eyewear via a case holding the eyewear.
  • Receives and responds to both voice and text messages.
  • Features a display based on image source and concave reflective surface.
  • Includes user-monitoring system.
  • Has multipart arm to support electrical components.
  • Includes a fall detector and digital assistant for seniors.
  • Intelligently interacts with home IOT devices.

IngenioSpec welcomes to the fold three additional companies: an undisclosed multibillion global conglomerate, Norm Glasses, and Iristick.

IngenioSpec is proud to be joining these companies in the quest to making smart eyewear the preferred smart technology of the future. Whether for recreational, professional, or disabled use, the future of wearable technology looks bright.

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Angela Nijim

Release Summary

IngenioSpec continues to license its smart eyewear patented technologies to large and small companies to bring its technologies to market.

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Angela Nijim