60 Percent of Pet Owners Seek Pet Friendly Workplaces, or Willing to Leave

#NationalPetDayOff campaign recognizes how pets influence the workplace, with half saying pets improve their productivity

TORONTO--()--A growing number of businesses across Canada and the US have signed a pledge to recognize, celebrate and incorporate pets into their workplace. The #NationalPetDayOff movement, initiated by Vetster.com, a fast-growing veterinary telehealth platform that connects pet owners to licensed veterinarians, encourages companies to include pet parents in the fabric of their culture, benefits solutions, and flexible work strategies.

In a recent survey from OnePoll on behalf of Vetster, employees highlighted the role pets play in the workplace. Survey findings include:

  • 6 in 10 pet owners having left a job to seek a workplace that was more pet friendly
  • 7 in 10 pet owners willing to take a pay cut in favor of a pet-friendly office
  • 48 percent of pet owners claim to be more productive at work when their pet is nearby
  • 46 percent believe their pets help them to break the ice and make new acquaintances
  • 39 percent believe their pets help them to avoid burnout

“Building inclusive workplaces that meet employee needs, while fostering a healthy approach to work, improves productivity, enhances relationships, and is critical to success,” said Mark Bordo, CEO, Vetster. “Millennials are three times more likely to have a pet than to have a child. Forward-thinking businesses wishing to retain their talent must make room for our four legged friends.”

The inaugural kick off to #NationalPetDayOff aims to bring awareness to the role that pets play in the lives of employees and the workplace. Pet ownership has surged over the last two years, with 70 percent of North American households having at least one pet. This, coupled with the Great Resignation and 20-million Americans quitting their jobs, makes it hard to ignore the correlation when more than two-thirds of survey respondents say they have searched for more flexible jobs that would enable them to devote more time to caring for their pets.

Industry leaders including TribalScale, LoKnow, InnerSpace, Ace Beverage Group, Search Engine Journal, and Doggy Bathroom have joined the movement committing to supporting pets in the workplace. These companies are fundraising for local and Ukraine-supporting pet charities, establishing pet-friendly workplace policies, and creating inclusive programs like Vetster for Work, for the unique needs of pet owners. For more information, head to nationalpetdayoff.com.

Supporting Companies:

“We are excited to announce we have partnered with Vetster—an amazing new veterinary telehealth platform—to show our appreciation to all of TribalScale’s pet parents,” said Nicola Watson, HR Manager, TribalScale. “This perk is the start of our pet wellness initiative which aims to make it easier, more accessible and stress-free for our employees to care for their pets.”

“Our pets are part of our team, appearing in our offices, on our staff page, and in many video calls over the past few years,” said Anna Michele, Director, Culture & Communications, LoKnow. “We’re excited to participate in National Pet Day Off by encouraging some extra time with pets and donating to the animal-focused organizations our ‘Knowers’ are involved with!"

“Attracting and retaining talent becomes much easier when you can support the whole person - the human being - not just the employee,” said James Wu, CEO, InnerSpace. “Pets are part of our families. They improve our mental wellbeing, act as icebreakers in meetings, and establish routines that enhance our workday. At InnerSpace we are committed to our pet parents, have incorporated our pets into our brand, and recognize the needs of pet ownership giving employees the time they need to care for their pets.”

“Creating a friendly work environment that includes our pets is top of mind for our pet parents,” said Becca Lo, People and Culture Manager, Ace Beverage Group. “As we evolve how we work in this new paradigm, we will ensure our animals are part of our journey.”

“On behalf of everyone at Doggy Bathroom, we are happy to support Vetster and all pet parents, including our own employees by allowing them to take a well-deserved ‘time-out’ on National Pet Day with their furry best friend," said ​​Alain Courchesne, Doggy Bathroom.

About #NationalPetDayOff

With more than 100-million pet owners in North America, it’s important we recognize the significant health and wellbeing benefits they offer to our lives. The #NationalPetDayOff campaign encourages pet owners and their employers to celebrate pets by giving back to them. Companies may provide people and their pets a day off from work on National Pet Day (April 11), donate to a charitable organization, host pet meet-ups at the office, or make their office pet friendly. For more on the campaign and to join the movement, visit nationalpetdayoff.com.

About Vetster

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Ana Tackett


Ana Tackett