Amerigroup Brings More Than $85 Million to Texas for Affordable Housing

More than $55 million has gone toward funding the Balcones Trails Complex, an affordable housing development, which will feature Amerigroup support programs that promote healthy living.

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Anthem, Inc., the parent company of Amerigroup Texas, has invested more than $85 million for the development of affordable housing in Texas, as part of Anthem and Amerigroup’s commitment to improving lives and communities. The funds have been established through investments made to the federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program, and Amerigroup Texas played a key role in helping to direct funds to Texas initiatives. In Kyle, Texas, $55 million of this funding is helping to finance the Balcones Trails complex, a housing development that will feature onsite healthy living resources supported by Amerigroup.

“The investment is part of a $410 million nationwide effort by Anthem in support of Amerigroup’s commitment to provide for the whole health needs of individuals, families and communities by expanding access to safe, stable and affordable housing,” said Greg Thompson, President of Amerigroup Texas. “As these housing options are completed, Amerigroup will stay engaged to provide on-site supportive services that promote active and healthy living.”

Since 2006, Anthem has committed millions of dollars in investments for affordable housing in 45 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam. These investments are part of a multi-year effort to address and create more stable housing environments for some of the nation’s most vulnerable residents, including low- and moderate-income individuals and families, seniors, and people living with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. The Balcones Trails complex will be a 276-unit multi-family community that will provide high-quality housing for residents living and working in and near the city of Kyle. Residents living in Balcones Trails will also have access to a variety of services offered by Amerigroup Texas and focused on improving health, employment and educational outcomes.

“Stable, quality housing is a basic right and a critical part of the infrastructure needed to support a community’s long- and short-term goals,” said Chris Dischinger, co-founder and co-principal of LDG Development, which is building Balcones Trails. “The addition of Balcones Trails, coupled with the services residents will have access to, will lead to the outcomes needed to ensure the area remains healthy, strong and well-positioned for future growth.”

The Balcones Trails project was announced on March 25, during a groundbreaking ceremony at 451 Philomena Drive, the future home of the housing development. Housing in this community will be reserved for families earning up to 60 percent of the area median income, or $59,340 annually for a family of four. Units are expected to become available for residents in Spring 2023.

“Amerigroup has been committed to comprehensively improving health outcomes for Texans since we began serving the state in 1996, and increasing access to affordable, safe, supportive housing is another example of how we are making a positive impact in Texas,” said Dr. Cealee Thomas, Medical Director and leader of Amerigroup Texas population health efforts. “Homelessness and housing insecurity have emerged as a critical barrier to achieving whole health, so it is an honor for Amerigroup Texas to play such a key role in creating solutions that improve lives across our state.”

Amerigroup Texas is also planning to work with developers in other parts of Texas to help fund additional affordable housing developments, which will also be financed by LIHTC investments made by Anthem. As with the Kyle development, Amerigroup will stay engaged with property managers after the completion of construction to identify and address concerns that surface as barriers to healthy living.


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Anthem, Inc., the parent company of Amerigroup Texas, has invested more than $85 million for the development of affordable housing in Texas.

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Denise Malecki