With Enhanced Data Enrichment, “Opt In” Tool TapText is Now Whisp!

MIAMI--()--In early 2019, Live Ops co-founder Steve Doumar set out to create a simple tool to allow his customers to tap a button in an email to update missing fields in his CRM, namely their birthday! TapText, based in Miami Florida, was born and several patents were filed to protect the amazingly simple process of capturing client information with one press. With the introduction of some amazing new features described below, TapText is officially rebranding itself as Whisp!

As a veteran marketer with years of operating in the lead generation space, Steve recognized that what he had created could revolutionize the world of capturing lead information on the internet. TapText was immediately adopted by a few large clients like Credit.com and 24 Hour Fitness who rely heavily on online ‘Opt Ins’ to fuel their sales engine.

Capturing an Opt In with one press is revolutionary. Even more impressive is that the most elusive piece of information, the Cell Phone number, is the primary source of information collected by the technology.

The next development TapText made was to ensure that compliance with Federal Laws like TCPA were being adhered to by their platform. Communication with Federal agencies and cell phone carriers created an environment where Steve was able to take his technology to the next level!

Coordination with the leading carriers and other data validation groups made the technology even more powerful than its founders had ever imagined. By aligning the validation with the source of the client's information, TapText was able to verify and enrich several other pieces of key information. Name, Phone, and Email to name a few.

Enhanced data enrichment became a game changer for existing clients, and Opt Ins began to soar! With features exceeding the TapText name, the team decided to rebrand the company to “Whisp”, Opt In Simplified. With it’s primary service simplifying the Opt In experience, Data Enrichment removes several challenges trying to get leads to fill in additional information on forms and applications.

Check out a demo of how this amazing technology can help simplify YOUR lead opt in by going to whisp.io today!


Todd Westra, 435-513-5282

Release Summary

TapText is now Whisp! Not to be mistaken as "another" sms platform, Whisp offers Opt In Simplified. Check out several different use cases at whisp.io


Todd Westra, 435-513-5282