Syllable Launches New Podcast - Makes a Big Splash at ViVE 2022 in Miami

Healthcare technology company on a mission to transform the patient experience curates thought provoking content with industry change makers.

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--()--Syllable last week launched a podcast, “Can Silicon Valley Save Healthcare?,” in which Chief Medical Officer Adam Silverman, MD, FACP, asks healthcare thought leaders if healthcare is broken and if it is, can Silicon Valley offer solutions to save it?

In the inaugural podcast episode available for viewing on YouTube, Dr. Silverman speaks live with angel investor, technologist, thought leader, and healthy community evangelist, Esther Dyson. Esther talks about how her own healthcare experiences have shaped her investment decisions as well as how health systems can better invest in their communities to eradicate barriers to health. Together, Dr. Silverman and Esther discuss the tribulations of venture investors who can become addicted to profits and whether or not they have a chance of solving some of the very real problems in healthcare business models today.

The new podcast content from Syllable launches in time for their world-class healthcare technology team to connect with thousands of healthcare leaders and colleagues at the ViVE 2022 event in Miami, Florida. The team will be on site in booth 302 to showcase the company’s innovative AI-driven solution, Patient Assistant, designed to modernize health systems’ contact center operations while delivering a more intuitive, delightful patient experience. Additionally, Dr. Silverman will be capturing upcoming podcast material live from his custom mobile studio in the company’s exhibit hall booth.

“The Syllable podcast team and I are thrilled to be recording in person at ViVE. We have several well-known thought leaders booked into the show to share their perspective on if Silicon Valley can save healthcare,” said Dr. Silverman. “We will also interview conference attendees to capture real-time reactions to speaker sessions and the various products and services showcased throughout the exhibit hall.”

About Syllable

Syllable is an AI-powered healthcare services company that transforms the way healthcare systems deliver customer service. Long call hold times, rerouted or dropped calls and dead ends can all contribute to a frustrating patient experience and make it cumbersome to access vital care quickly. Syllable helps patients navigate their journey to health with empathy, transparency and intelligence from the moment they request care by dialing the phone or visiting a healthcare system’s website. Since 2017, Syllable’s solutions have been in use by some of the largest and most respected healthcare providers across the United States. Learn more at


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Release Summary

Syllable launches podcast, “Can Silicon Valley Save Healthcare?,” in advance of ViVE 2022, where the team will showcase AI-driven Patient Assistant.

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Jessie Woodhead