Nebulon Launches New Red Hat Ansible Collection for smartInfrastructure

New Offering Advances Nebulon’s API-first Cloud Operating Platform for On-Premises IT, Helps Reduce On-Premises Operational Infrastructure Overhead by 75%

FREMONT, Calif.--()--Nebulon, Inc.®, the pioneer of smartInfrastructure™, a cloud-based infrastructure operations SaaS that turns a server estate into a Cloud Operating Platform, today announced it has developed the first Red Hat® Ansible® collection for smartInfrastructure, which includes a set of modules that customers can use to integrate Nebulon infrastructure management into their Ansible automation playbooks. The Nebulon Ansible Collection, combined with the Nebulon ON cloud control plane, reduces operational overhead by up to 75% compared to hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) and 3-tier infrastructure alternatives.

Large IT organizations today are reducing costly downtime and delays associated with new projects by investing in automation frameworks that minimize risk by eliminating error-prone manual provisioning. Traditional infrastructure, such as 3-tier architectures and HCI, limit an enterprise’s ability to easily automate at scale, as API fragmentation, authentication, and authorization require highly skilled resources, can take days or weeks to implement and maintain, and may be difficult to monitor and secure in distributed environments.

With the Nebulon Ansible Collection and a combination of Nebulon cluster (nPod), operating system, and storage provisioning, IT organizations can now deploy infrastructure end to end and configure applications entirely from within their Ansible playbooks. This powerful capability accelerates their automation efforts and minimizes the tools and scripts they must maintain. Nebulon customers can now rely on Ansible to quickly provision, tear down, and reprovision infrastructure for their application clusters and manage data services, in addition to the regular application configuration automation tasks they achieve with Ansible today.

“Enterprises and service providers are increasingly searching for solutions which match the public cloud IaaS experience on-premises,” said Camberley Bates, managing director and analyst at Evaluator Group. “Nebulon integrated with Ansible’s automation platform enables customers to automate provisioning of their end-to-end hybrid deployments and make this a reality.”

Architected to be endlessly scalable, the Nebulon cloud-control plane, Nebulon ON, follows an API-first design principle. Nebulon ON enables IT organizations to automate thousands of infrastructure devices from a single API in the cloud that is always up-to-date, works consistently across heterogeneous infrastructure, and easily backs automation frameworks such as Ansible. Combined with a smart data plane, IT organizations are equipped with sophisticated tooling that allows them to deliver faster time to value by centrally provisioning their entire infrastructure services via a self-service approach. Developers and infrastructure owners can deploy complete application clusters in a few minutes, with tailored infrastructure that optimizes density and cost.

“In order to be successful, IT organizations and service providers want to move away from managing their IT infrastructure manually and instead adopt automation frameworks. Infrastructure automation cannot be an exclusive privilege for hyperscale cloud providers, but it means on-premises IT infrastructure must be modernized in order to be successful,” said Siamak Nazari, CEO of Nebulon. “We are proud to make automation tools and infrastructure solutions accessible for our customers, and ultimately allow them to automate their infrastructure like the biggest cloud vendors would.”

About Nebulon, Inc.

Nebulon, Inc. was founded by a group of ex-3PAR executives to pioneer Nebulon smartInfrastructure, a cloud-based infrastructure operations SaaS that turns a customer’s server estate into a Cloud Operating Platform and delivers the benefits of the public cloud experience on-premises from core to edge for any application—containerized, virtualized, or bare metal. Nebulon smartInfrastructure provides self-service infrastructure provisioning, infrastructure management-as-a-service, and enterprise-class shared and local data services. Three solutions make up the Nebulon smartInfrastructure portfolio: smartEdge, smartCore, and smartIaaS solutions, which deliver easily accessible AIOps, self-managed updates, and powerful programmability at any scale. Nebulon is headquartered in Fremont, Calif., and has offices in Seattle, London and Belfast, Northern Ireland. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @nebuloninc.


Jon Lavietes