GreenTech Environmental Introduces New Technology and Product Innovation

pureAir Active HEPA+ with ODOGard® is a Game Changer for Indoor Air Quality

pureAir Active HEPA+ with ODOGard by GreenTech Room (Photo: Business Wire)

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn.--()--GreenTech Environmental is introducing a new technology in the air purification industry: pureAir Active HEPA+ with ODOGard, the only air purifiers on the market that feature proprietary ODOGard technology in combination with True HEPA and advanced active air purification technologies. The new purifiers eliminate 99.98% of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, and are proven effective against VOCs, odors, pollen, dust, pet dander and other pollutants.

The pureAir Active HEPA+ with ODOGard utilizes both active and passive air purification, continuously cleaning and removing airborne pollutants while reducing indoor odors. The science-backed bipolar ionization and photocatalytic oxidation processes seek out, and destroy indoor pathogens where they are, including on surfaces. The True HEPA filter with ODOGard coating traps and destroys odors along with allergens and other particulates, quickly and permanently encasing odor molecules and eliminating irritants.

Lab tests of the purifier performed by MRI Global in Kansas City achieved a 99.98% reduction of SARS-CoV-2 from the air in just 3 minutes and 20 seconds. In addition to inactivating 99.98% of SARS-CoV-2 in a controlled environment, GreenTech’s new products have been field tested in nursing home facilities and beauty salons by Advanced IAQ Solutions Inc and are proven to continuously reduce volatile organic compounds and eliminate odors, even in difficult spaces.

“I’ve been in this industry for more than 30 years,” says indoor air quality expert Keith Roe, “I know every technology and product that’s available in the marketplace. I’ve never seen anything perform like this before. The industry has never seen anything like this.”

“The indoor air quality space is growing rapidly, and we believe that combining GreenTech’s proven active technologies with an ODOGard treated HEPA filter will be a gamechanger for the IAQ industry,” says Brandon Taylor, CEO of GreenTech Environmental. “Our new line of ActiveHEPA+ products are laboratory proven to dramatically improve the air we breathe.”

“We are eager to enter the air purification space and are thrilled to partner exclusively with GreenTech Environmental, a company with a history of more than 12 years in the indoor air quality industry that also shares the same values and long term vision for growth as ours,” says Dr. David Schneider, CEO Rem Brands, the parent company of ODOGard.

The pureAir Active HEPA+ with ODOGard by GreenTech will launch March 2022 with two products: Room and Pro. Room is designed for spaces up to 375 sq feet (MSRP $649); Pro covers up to 750 sq. feet (MSRP $849). Both devices can be controlled remotely via a new GreenTech Connect app or directly on the unit to give air quality readings in real time.

About GreenTech Environmental

Founded in 2009 in Johnson City, Tennessee, GreenTech Environmental is a leader in air purification systems. GreenTech’s technologies are available for consumers with portable and personal systems, and commercial HVAC systems for use in office buildings, hotels, in-door stadiums and more. GreenTech Environmental is best known for a unique multi-technology approach to air purification. These technologies actively clean the air and surfaces in thousands of homes and commercial buildings across the globe.

About Rem Brands

Rem Brands Inc. is a prolific technology incubator and manufacturer of innovative, high performance chemistry and proprietary technologies targeted towards odor elimination, stain removal, and more.

ODOGard® is an internationally patented technology platform that delivers even against the most challenging of odor problems. Products where ODOGard® is found include, adult incontinence products, pet and household odor elimination products, filter media, trash bags, as well as commercial and institutional solutions for odor abatement.


Taryn Scher

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GreenTech Environmental Introduces New Technology and Product Innovation; pureAir Active HEPA+ with ODOGard® is a Game Changer for Indoor Air Quality


Taryn Scher