ABO - Óskare Capital: Partnership Announcement

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates--()--Alpha Blue Ocean (ABO) and Óskare Capital are announcing today the formation of a strategic partnership to collaborate on investment opportunities associated with cannabis plant-based medicines as well as synthetic molecules that target the mammalian Endocannabinoid system (ECS). Both companies recognize that there are also investment opportunities related to products, infrastructure technologies and services which will be part of the associated ecosystem for this sector. With a strong focus in Europe, the teams will work together to identify those companies with the greatest potential to enter global markets. This sector is nascent in Europe and is still in early stages of development on the pharmaceutical side; both companies see this as a “blue ocean” opportunity as the market emerges in the years to come.

The partnership is based on biotech, agtech, and life science expertise; track records in the European VC; and strong access to deal flow, all of which will enable the partnership to identify leading assets that will define and shape the market of tomorrow. The companies have the internal expertise to vet “picks and shovels” opportunities that address market needs and create fundamental agtech solutions, candidate formulations and molecules for the pharma and wellness industries. ABO will bring strong dealmaking and public market experience that will complement Óskare’s approach.

Both companies believe this is the critical moment for the sector in Europe, where there are high quality research teams and small companies ready for next level investment and development. Furthermore, because of favorable valuations there are readily available opportunities for ABO and Óskare to invest in and scale.

Part of ABO’s existing activities are in healthcare and focus on medical innovation. With their experience in financing medical trials, ABO are a natural partner for Óskare Capital who’s medical and deeptech led science-first venture capital team knows how to build and scale platforms to disrupt the market. Óskare Capital has a highly specialized thesis, providing significant ground for collaboration in this extremely fast-growing new industrial sector, strengthened by the fact that many of the best companies in the sector operate platform technologies that span multiple verticals. These companies in particular will benefit from having both specialist and generalist expertise to hand.

Óskare Capital’s Chairman, Bruce Linton notes: “Óskare Capital is delighted to be joining forces with ABO. This partnership will help facilitate the realisation of Óskare's vision by the opportunity to work together on deal flow and financing investment opportunities. Together, we will be in a stronger position to influence the development of companies and research teams here in Europe and extend their influence globally.”

Bruce Linton brings significant international experience as he is also the founder of multibillion dollar cannabis company Canopy Growth Corp. (TSX: WEED, Nasdaq: CGC) and a board member for global psychedelic-themed pharma Mind Medicine Inc. (NEO: MMED, Nasdaq: MNMD, DE: MMQ) among other ventures such as Canopy River (now RIV Capital, RIV: CN, CNPOF: US), Red Light Holland (CSE: TRIP, OTC: TRUFF), Gage Growth Corp (CSE: GAGE), Martello Technologies (TSX: MTLO), Creso Pharma (ASX: CPH), Slang (CSE: SLNG) and Innoviz (Nasdaq: INVZ).

Alpha Blue Ocean co-founder, Chairman and CIO, Pierre Vannineuse, comments: “Alpha Blue Ocean, with its expertise in structured product financings, is a recognized leader in financing cannabis companies towards listing and post-listing on stock exchanges. These structures span all asset classes and guarantee the funding needs of our portfolio companies while achieving positive risk adjusted returns. Óskare surrounded themselves with a stellar team whose experience spans all sectors of this new multibillion dollar industry. Some of the biggest fortunes were made after prohibition events and we believe this is the best opportunity to be part of this societal change happening across the world. We are excited to partner with Óskare and assist them with structuring and origination of deals as well as co-invest with them.”

About Óskare Capital SAS

Managed by a team based in Paris, London and New York, Óskare Capital, launched Óskare Fund 1, the first ever AIFM and ESG compatible Venture Capital fund with an investment focus on innovative companies and teams in Europe working on novel therapeutics (cannabinoids and other molecules) that target the endocannabinoid system as well as the associated ecosystem that support this fast-growing global market. Óskare Capital also has launched its MEDCAN fund, the first ever EIS and SEIS fund targeting the medical cannabis sector in the UK. Both funds will invest in startups across the entire value chain (from seed to patient) but will not invest in cannabis production or recreational cannabis.

About Alpha Blue Ocean

Created in 2017, Alpha Blue Ocean is a specialist and pioneer in alternative financing in Europe and in the world, notably in the medical innovations sector. In 4 years, the group founded by Pierre Vannineuse has completed more than EU1.5 billion in financial commitments, of which 60% has been in the Health and Innovation segment.


Rajae Elantari - r.elantari@abo.co

Release Summary

Alpha Blue Ocean (ABO) and Óskare Capital are announcing today the formation of a strategic partnership.


Rajae Elantari - r.elantari@abo.co