Get Joy Builds First Metaverse Dog Park to Expand Commitment to the Health and Happiness of Dogs Everywhere

DTC dog wellness company heads to the metaverse to promote the need for more dedicated spaces in communities, both digital and IRL, for dogs to find joy with their families.

The future plan for the Get Joy Dog Zone is to build a bridge between real world and virtual interactions with the brand, deepen relationships with the company’s customers, and host events and non-profit activities that support dog wellness. (Photo: Business Wire)

NORWALK, Conn.--()--Get Joy, a DTC dog wellness brand founded by former Facebook executive Tom Arrix, today announces the establishment of the first-ever dog park in the metaverse. Get Joy wants communities to recognize and respect their evolving dog populations and invest in their wellness and quality of life by ensuring dogs have equitable recreational space to call their own - whether that is in future, growing communities like the metaverse or communities in real life.

The virtual space, named Get Joy Dog Zone, will be located in the virtual world of Decentraland. Get Joy Dog Zone is currently under development and is being designed in partnership with, the first web3 engagement infrastructure for people and brands. The park will open its gates in April of 2022.

“Get Joy aims to increase dog joy through three things: nutrition, the cornerstone of what we do, educating pet parents on how to be the best dog parents they can be, and now, expanding our commitment to establish and improve the places dogs can go,” said Get Joy Founder and CEO, Tom Arrix. “We are turning to the metaverse to dramatize the fact that in most real-life communities, there is an imbalance between the size of the dog community and the available recreational space that exists for those animals.”

“The evolving vision for the metaverse will continue to attract pioneering brands willing to find new ways to engage communities and lifestyles that transcend real and digital spaces. Decentraland creates a fascinating opportunity to introduce a new world for pet owners that promotes the wellness of our furry companions,” said Tomas Siedleczka, Founder and CEO of “Get Joy will be the first to support dog wellness for owners with a destination that allows them to learn, connect, and participate in gamified events, bridging real life and digital life with their dog.”

Communities everywhere, including the metaverse, are growing and changing. Dogs, whether a 3D avatar of the real-life counterpart or a dog acquired IRL during the COVID-19 pandemic, are members of communities and deserving of consideration especially as change occurs. This effort marks the beginning of a national movement by Get Joy to ensure the dog population is recognized and supported in every community and that dogs have the space they need to live a healthy and happy life.

“Pets are living, social beings just like humans. Dogs need proper nutrition for the right amount of energy for exercise, healthy fur and coat quality," said Dr. Kendra Pope, a board-certified veterinary oncologist. “Exercise, socialization and play are also critical to a dog’s quality of life and overall health. I’m intrigued by the idea of tying together connectivity in person and in the metaverse, in a way that will positively affect dogs’ health and wellness.”

Get Joy’s entry into the metaverse is also a business opportunity. Having recently closed a $4 million seed round, the company is expanding its portfolio of products, its manufacturing capabilities and its nationwide distribution. Today Get Joy offers a line of balanced, nutritious products that support a dog’s overall gut health, including fresh meals and fresh freeze-dried options.

“Thinking about our future customer is always top-of-mind. The metaverse is full of future and current dog-owners. We want dog wellness to be front and center with that audience, and our hope is that the Get Joy Dog Zone will be a constant reminder to get your dogs outside or include them in what you are doing,” says Arrix.

The future plan for the Get Joy Dog Zone is to build a bridge between real world and virtual interactions with the brand, deepen relationships with the company’s customers, host events and non-profit activities that support dog wellness and also create commerce opportunities as the space matures. The Get Joy Dog Zone will serve as a beta test for the creation of the ultimate dog wellness experience Get Joy will be seeking to make a reality in real life communities.

About Get Joy:
Get Joy is food with purpose that focuses on wellness and prevention for your pet. Get Joy believes there is a direct correlation between the quality of our food and the quality of our lives. Nutrition has long been used to treat and prevent disease, just as diet and exercise are paramount to overall health and longevity of life for both people and pets.

Get Joy’s holistic dog wellness experience offers fresh full meals, fresh toppers or mix-ins, Freeze Dried Organ Treats, chews including 100% all natural bully sticks and naturally shed Elk + Deer Antlers, and now Fresh Freeze-Dried Meals. All products are available as single one-time purchase or via subscription with additional cost savings through the Get Joy website at


Brittany Eisenberg

Release Summary

The first metaverse dog park by Get Joy dog wellness company promotes more dedicated recreational space for dogs to find joy both digitally and IRL.


Brittany Eisenberg