SCRT Labs Announces Triumphant Sale of First Never-Before-Seen-Or-Heard Tarantino NFT for $1.1 Million

The NFT auction was conducted on Ethereum and powered by Secret Network, with the next six NFTs to sell on daily public auctions starting January 24

LOS ANGELES--()--SCRT Labs, the core development team behind Secret Network and the first blockchain with data privacy by default for smart contracts, today celebrates the sale of the first Tarantino NFT for $1.1M. This is the first of seven NFTs being sold on Secret Network, the data privacy platform for Web3, from award-winning director, screenwriter, producer, author, film critic and actor Quentin Tarantino’s original, never-before-seen handwritten screenplay of “Pulp Fiction.”

The "Royale with Cheese” NFT was purchased by Secret Network's very first NFT collective, AnonDAO, who won the auction out of 200 confirmed bids, including multiple bids in the six to seven figure range.

"As admirers of Quentin Tarantino's iconic filmography, the Anons quickly mobilized to raise the funds necessary to purchase the first NFT in the Tarantino NFTs series," says a spokesperson for AnonDAO.

The AnonDAO collective aims to support the advancement of infrastructure protecting people's right to privacy. With influential figures across the blockchain space, the privacy-first collective aims to use the newly acquired NFT to demonstrate the strengths of privacy.

“This groundbreaking NFT sale represents a monumental moment for our community, Quentin, and the Secret Network,” says Guy Zyskind, Founder and CEO of SCRT Labs. “SCRT Labs always has, and always will, stand with artists. With this sale, we’re challenging the status quo by empowering creators, not conglomerates. We’re grateful to the Secret community for trusting us, and we’re excited for what the future holds – not only for the Tarantino collection, but for more artists and creators to come.”

In collaboration with SCRT Labs, Tarantino has turned seven chapters from one of the most influential works of art in modern film into one-of-a-kind NFT publications. Each NFT in the collection consists of a single iconic scene, as well as unique, personalized audio commentary by Tarantino himself. The winning bidders of these rare NFTs will be the first to look into the mind and unique creative process of the acclaimed filmmaker.

With the first NFT holding the original “Royale with Cheese” scene screenplay, there are now six chapters remaining. Unlike the first sale, the auctions will last for 24 hours or until the target price is reached. The remaining chapters will be auctioned on the following dates:

Chapter #2, “Pumpkin and Honey Bunny”: January 24, 2022

Chapter #3, “Foot Massage”: January 25, 2022

Chapter #4, “Check Out the Big Brain on Brett”: January 26, 2022

Chapter #5, “Captain Koons Monologue - The Gold Watch”: January 27, 2022

Chapter #6, “Bring Out the Gimp”: January 28, 2022

Chapter #7, “Last Scene: Coffee Shop - Ezekiel 25:17”: January 31, 2022

To be eligible for the sale, participants must register here. Registration is now open and participants will have access to all sales.

The Tarantino public auction is conducted on Ethereum, while the NFTs are powered by Secret Network. Participants are able to use ETH and ERC-20-compatible stablecoins.

For questions on obtaining and using cryptocurrencies, please contact Additional information on the Tarantino NFT drop can be found at


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Nick Karoglou
On Behalf of SCRT Labs



Nick Karoglou
On Behalf of SCRT Labs