QPharma introduces Ti CRM 2.0--a Pharma CRM built for speed

MORRISTOWN, N.J.--()--QPharma, the leading provider of cloud-based compliance solutions, today unveiled Ti CRM®, a CRM for fast implementations. Ti CRM 2.0 is the next generation of QPharma's popular Ti CRM® application, which thousands of Pharma reps employ daily to capture healthcare professionals’ (HCPs) sample requests in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and PDMA guidelines. The new application now includes powerful multi-channel features, multi-device support, and may be fully implemented in a few short weeks.

"We went through an extensive value curve analysis of the marketplace," said Suhail Mughal, Chief Technology Officer, QPharma. "And we discovered that current solutions, while feature rich, are often cost prohibitive because of their complexity and long implementation cycles."

The technical expertise and project management know-how required to implement a cloud-based CRM solution is daunting for many companies. Most implementations involve integrating data from multiple sources and managing massive datasets. Often the work of implementation is outsourced to a large professional services firm while company's project managers reassure internal stakeholders and coordinate deliverables from a dozen vendors. It may take two to three years for a stable solution to emerge that provides a return on investment.

Ti CRM, as part of QPharma's Titanium® platform, comes with sampling and compliance features and services that support order processing, sample reconciliation, and signature audits. Ti CRM also comes with a powerful product alignment and highspeed engine that allows clients to exercise controls and limits for reps and HCPs. QSign™, a purpose-built digital signature solution for business reply cards (BRCs), is available as an add-on to support remote sampling. Since Ti CRM is interoperable with other applications in the Titanium platform, any data received by any Titanium application is available to all others. Thus, time and cost savings are realized by eliminating duplication of efforts and by leveraging features, services, and data across the platform.

What makes Ti CRM compelling, however, is the set of next generation features that are geared toward field reps. Reps can hold secure virtual meetings (including video conferencing) with HCPs in a module called QConnect™. And beyond screen sharing slide decks, Ti CRM includes support for Interactive Visual Aids (IVAs) as a standard feature. Even if the rep shares an IVA with the HCP in offline mode, say during an office visit, Ti CRM captures the usage metadata that maybe used for Closed-Loop Analysis (CLA) to measure the effectiveness of the IVA.

"While IVAs have become a linchpin of marketing, we have tried to simplify their implementation," said Anne Rose Galang, Vice President of Innovation, QPharma. "We have built a plug-and-play solution that lets any asset to be quickly delivered as an IVA for reps to share with HCPs."

Sales reps are also able to send Approved Emails to HCPs by selecting pre-approved templates. Ti CRM can provide insights on effectiveness of email activity (such as read or never opened) that then allow marketing teams to make improvements.

User roles are among the most complex features of any sales force automation system. Over the years pharmaceuticals have created numerous job roles that vary from company to company. While sales reps are a mainstay, there are also hospital reps, medical science liaisons, and then many hybrid roles. The Ti CRM product management team realized that pre-defining roles will not scale to meet clients' needs and thus introduced the concept of "entitlements." In Ti CRM's world entitlements are smart building blocks that may be chained together to make "profiles." While the concept of entitlements and profiles is not new in the industry, Ti CRM's entitlements are defined at the business-level (such as "Ability to Send Approved Email" or "Ability to Share IVA") and not at the more granular radio-button or checkbox level. This allows clients to specify users’ access in terms of business functionality. QPharma's approach to entitlements is yet another example of conscious simplicity to support rapid implementations.

Ti CRM will be available in the Apple App store for QPharma's clients from January 2022. The app version offers users ability to carry out many of the tasks offline when there is no connectivity. Ti CRM also has a responsive mobile web version which will support any device with a modern web browser.