Codefresh Launches GitOps Fundamentals Certification Course for Argo

Four-part program explores GitOps theory and implementation with Argo CD and Argo Rollouts for progressive delivery methods in real GitOps sandbox environment

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--()--Codefresh today announced the first course in its GitOps certification for Argo program, GitOps Fundamentals, is now available. It is the only certification program of its kind that addresses GitOps from the ground up including secrets, repo management, and progressive delivery across an enterprise with real-world examples.

GitOps is a set of best practices applied from the beginning of the development workflow, all the way to the deployment system for operating software. Development teams that are GitOps certified gain increased productivity, have fewer failed deployments, get projects to market sooner, and recover from outages more quickly.

Codefresh’s learn-as-you-go, self-paced educational program will help users understand GitOps, the relationship with DevOps, popular GitOps projects, and secure delivery methodologies. Depending on the user’s familiarity with GitOps, it will take 6 – 10 hours to complete. Participants may skip over sections containing materials with which they are familiar.

“We recently held a GitOps webinar and at the outset asked participants whether their organizations were doing GitOps. Nearly everyone said yes – because most were doing Git,” said Kostis Kapelonis, a senior Codefresh DevOps engineer, technical writer, and course co-leader. “After we’d fully defined GitOps, it turns out only 10% of the participants were actually doing it. We knew the market needed a good certification program for GitOps.”

The GitOps Fundamentals course includes the following segments:

  • Theory – What is GitOps, GitOps pros and cons, how to implement GitOps using Argo CD, and more, along with exercises throughout.
  • Basic Argo CD (the world’s most popular open-source project for doing GitOps) – Discussion, examples, and practical exercises on how to get started with Argo CD.
  • Advanced Argo CD – Explores how organizations can use Argo CD with Helm/Kustomize and choose over the different sync options. This segment also explains how to best manage secrets, such as user passwords and keys, with GitOps, along with additional discussion, examples, and practical exercises.
  • Progressive Delivery – In this segment, users will learn sound strategies for managing applications and version deployments across multiple environments. It provides information on both blue/green deployments and canary deployments, which show how to release GitOps in gradual stages or to specific subsets of users to ensure there are no problems before the full deployment across an enterprise.

Course participants receive a live GitOps environment created just for them. After launching their sandbox, users can try what they’ve learned with actual command line interfaces in a real Kubernetes environment.

“This first course introduces the principles of GitOps and dives immediately into implementation using Argo CD,” said Dan Garfield, Codefresh Co-founder and Chief Open Source Officer. “These exercises go beyond the basic install and use tutorials to show how to handle secrets and how to do progressive delivery. Best of all, users will get hands-on experience with these things, and it is all implemented in a fully GitOps-compliant fashion.”

Course participants will finish with a multiple-choice test, and after successful completion, will receive an electronic certificate which they may display with their professional credentials on LinkedIn and elsewhere.

During the coming months, Codefresh will launch two more courses: GitOps at the Edge will teach users how to deploy GitOps in their enterprises with confidence and minimal downtime; GitOps at Scale will focus on scalable strategies and tools such as applications sets, promotion between various development environments, Git structure, and more.

About Codefresh

Codefresh is the most trusted GitOps Software Delivery platform for cloud-native apps. Its mission is to give enterprise teams the control, stability, and confidence they need to release more frequently and enable smoother deployments to the cloud, on-prem, or at the edge. Codefresh is built on an enterprise distribution of Argo, the industry's leading declarative continuous delivery tool. Codefresh is trusted by companies like GoodRx, Skillshare,, TBS, and financial services companies and backed by world-class investors such as M12, Microsoft’s venture fund, Red Dot Capital Partners, Shasta Ventures, and more. Learn more about Codefresh at Follow on LinkedIn and Twitter at @codefresh.


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Codefresh today announced the first course in its free GitOps certification for Argo program, GitOps Fundamentals, is now available.


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Alan Ryan
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