Nutrition Company PlantBaby Launches Kiki Milk, the First Organic Plant-Based Milk Designed Specifically for Kids

Developed alongside leading pediatricians and nutritionists, Kiki Milk is a certified organic, dairy-free, clean-label beverage designed to nourish growing children

Kiki Milk is available in two varieties— Original and Chocolate. Credit: Kiki Milk

KAUAI, Hawaii--()--PlantBaby, the new future-forward, direct-to-consumer nutrition brand, proudly announces today the release of its launch product, Kiki Milk. Formulated alongside leading pediatricians and nutritionists, Kiki Milk is the first certified organic, clean-label, dairy-free milk designed to meet the nutritional needs of growing children.

Co-Founders Alex and Lauren Abelin’s journey to launch PlantBaby and Kiki Milk began after their son Alakai was born. As first-time parents to a son with a dairy and soy aversion, they began extensively researching the entire plant-based food and beverage category for kids. They were seeking organic, clean-label, dairy-free alternatives, yet they were faced with the unfortunate reality that many products are made with artificial ingredients and additives. They felt frustrated and believed more was possible – not only for their son but for other families too. Inspired to create positive change, they founded PlantBaby on a mission to support children along their nutritional journey from infancy into adulthood.

“At PlantBaby, we have identified an incredible opportunity based on our family’s personal experience to offer nutritional products that are designed with growing kids in mind,” said Alex Abelin. “Our intention with Kiki Milk is to reconnect kids to the miracle that is food and to the magic of nature,” added Lauren Abelin.

Kiki Milk will be initially available in two varieties— Original and Chocolate—packaged in shelf-stable eight-ounce cartons. Kiki Milk is made exclusively with organic whole food ingredients and nourishing superfoods like oats, sprouted pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, coconut and Aquamin™, creating a blend that is omega-rich and provides ample plant-based calcium and protein. Kiki Milk ingredients are non-GMO and rigorously third-party tested to verify they are free from glyphosate and heavy metals. Additionally, Kiki Milk does not contain seed oils, gums, refined sugars, natural and artificial flavors, or common allergens like soy or gluten. This makes Kiki Milk a great option for kids, adults, and anyone with a sensitive stomach.

“In my 15 years of experience working with families, I’ve seen a cultural shift away from dairy to alternative milk. However, I’ve noticed that the plant-based milk options available tend to be designed for adults and often lack proper nutrients to support the long-term health of children,” said Dr. Joel Warsh, PlantBaby’s Pediatrician Advisor. “I’m very excited about Kiki Milk because it is the first organic, dairy-free milk that is made with nutrient-dense whole foods and has a taste that kids love,” he added.

PlantBaby’s 2022 expansion plans include additional varieties of Kiki Milk in both eight-ounce and 32-ounce formats. PlantBaby’s long-term vision includes an expansive portfolio of organic, plant-based foods, beverages, formulas and supplements. Kiki Milk is now available for auto-ship or one-time purchase on and will launch in select retailers in the near future. Follow Kiki Milk’s journey on Instagram @kikimilkco. #FUELYOURPLAY

About PlantBaby

PlantBaby is a future-forward nutrition movement developing a portfolio of clean-label, organic, plant-based foods, beverages, formulas, and supplements to support children on their nutritional journey from infancy into adulthood. Founded in 2020 on Kauai, Hawaii, PlantBaby is dedicated to restoring harmony in our food and agricultural systems by supporting regenerative agriculture and sourcing climate-friendly crops. PlantBaby is proud to partner with Farmer’s Footprint and Planet FWD, two organizations committed to building a healthier Planet Earth. For additional information, visit and


Elana Levin


Elana Levin