CircleCI Can Deliver 664% ROI, $13.98M NPV According to Total Economic Impact Study

Independent study shows CircleCI reduces time for end-to-end software development build by 50%; saves 50% in infrastructure costs; increases developer productivity by 10%

CircleCI Can Deliver 664% ROI, $13.98M NPV According to Total Economic Impact Study (Graphic: Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Today CircleCI, the leading continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform, announced findings of The Total Economic Impact™ Of CircleCI, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of CircleCI.

CircleCI also released the CircleCI Estimator, an interactive calculator for current and prospective customers to use to receive a customized, high-level estimate of their benefits and cost based on the data model included in the study.

Forrester revealed that CircleCI can deliver a 664% return on investment (ROI) or more over a three-year period. The study also highlighted that CircleCI's intelligent and flexible platform increased developer productivity by 10% from system maintenance time savings ─ an increased efficiency value of more than $4.3 million ─ enabling organizations to increase engineering velocity that ultimately drives business success.

According to Forrester, enterprise organizations struggle to get more innovative digital experiences in front of customers faster. They need high-performing software development teams and tools to help them build, test, and iterate without clunky technology interfering.

“Cloud-native CI is the secret development sauce that enterprises need to be fast, responsive, and ready to take on incumbents and would-be digital disruptors,” the Forrester study stated. “Increasingly, that means turning to cloud-based SaaS CI/CD tools such as CircleCI.”

To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with investing in CircleCI, Forrester interviewed four CircleCI customers and aggregated their experiences and results into a single composite example organization. The study found that, overall, CircleCI users saw tremendous improvement in the speed of their software development. As different elements along the software development process were sped up, prior inefficiencies were eliminated.

Additional benefits the study found include:

  • Reduced time for end-to-end software development build by 50%. Using CircleCI allowed organizations to shorten their individual build time by 50% due to parallelization and dynamic configurations features. Over three years and a cumulative total of 80,000 to 120,000 builds per year, the shorter software development cycle is worth $7.8 million to the organizations interviewed.
  • Fifty percent infrastructure cost avoidance from more effective CI/CD infrastructure use. Adding all the capabilities included in CircleCI onto their prior environment would have increased the annual infrastructure spend of organizations by 50%. Additionally, using CircleCI allows organizations to repurpose their DevOps professionals to focus on more productive work. Combined, this is worth close to $2.2 million over three years to the organizations interviewed.
  • Increased developer productivity by 10% to 20% from improved quality of code. Similarly, developers also recover time they previously would have spent fixing bugs and defects. As CircleCI catches potentially problematic code earlier in the process, there is an improvement in the quality of code going through the software development process. Over three years, this improvement in code quality is worth close to $1.7 million to the organizations interviewed.

In the study, a Director of Engineering who relies on CircleCI said, “CircleCI has helped us tremendously scale to the needs of the business and it has made our internal customers happy, which indirectly makes our external customers happy in terms of being able to deliver faster and deliver quality product.”

To learn more, download the Forrester Total Economic Impact Study (TEI) on CircleCI and estimate your high-level ROI using the CircleCI Estimator.

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Summer Falgiano, CircleCI