LiquidLung Receives Notice of Allowance from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Unveils Novel RNA Technology for Non-Invasive Lung Cancer Detection

Leading pulmonary disease company debuts to-be patented blood-based RNA technology platform with best-in-class sensitivity for early detection, confirmatory diagnosis and subtyping of lung cancer

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--()--LiquidLung, Inc., a biotechnology company dedicated to radically improving the detection, diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary disease, is pleased to announce that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a Notice of Allowance for its patent application No. 17/003,775 for claims related to the non-invasive diagnosis of lung cancer.

The technology, which is centered around a comprehensive portfolio of novel RNA biomarkers, developed in concert with Liquid Biosciences, a leading bio-analytics provider and dedicated partner to LiquidLung. The technology utilizes various mathematical gene expression signatures that uniquely span early detection and confirmatory diagnosis of lung cancer, both pre- and post-imaging, as well as the diagnostic classification of several prevalent histological subtypes of the disease.

In an independent validation study the lung cancer technology was applied to a blood-based dataset comprised of fully adjudicated in vivo patient samples consisting of patients with confirmed lung cancer and those without lung cancer, the technology achieved 97% sensitivity and 85% specificity for lung cancer detection.

Further, the technology correctly detected 100% of patients with stage I, 89.9% with stage II, 100% with stage III and 100% with stage IV. In addition to detecting lung cancer generally across all stages of disease, the technology also achieved strong sensitivity and specificity for distinguishing between small cell lung cancer (SCLC), non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and large cell carcinoma. Notably, all cited performance was derived from the biomarkers alone, with absolutely no mathematical or scientific value being derived from patient demographics, nodule information, smoking history or any other clinical risk factors, which introduces a defined opportunity to improve upon the already impressive early data with little investment in R&D.

“Imagine a non-invasive testing platform that can rule more high-risk patients with lung cancer into LDCT imaging for further evaluation earlier, reduce negative biopsy procedures for patients with suspicious pulmonary nodules discovered incidentally or through routine screening, and also accelerate the time to life-saving interventions and personalized treatments,” stated Founder and Chairman, Marty Keiser. “The comprehensive nature of our to-be patented technology enables us to accurately and efficiently unlock value for patients across the entire care continuum for lung cancer, all while fitting nicely into existing workflows and standards of care.”

LiquidLung is one of three companies created out of IV BioHoldings (IVBH), a bio innovation studio known for its progressive approach to R&D, company creation, productization and commercialization. IVBH made headlines in October when it aligned the public debut of its first-in-category pipeline of RNA technologies with the announcement of a strategic lab partnership with P4 Diagnostix, intended to accelerate clinical development and validation of the IVBH assets within lung cancer, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and breast cancer.

“The recent worldwide recognition and appreciation for the clinical utility of RNA, from prevention to detection to treatment, has created a timely tailwind for IVBH as we begin to publicly unveil the vast intellectual property portfolio that we have been quietly and strategically amassing since 2018,” stated IVBH Chief Commercial Officer, Elizabeth Cormier-May, who also leads the studio’s women’s health company, Mammogen. “The USPTO decision is a significant milestone for LiquidLung and further establishes IVBH’s position as a leader in the rapidly accelerating RNA revolution,” Cormier-May continued.

IVBH is currently scaling operationally to support the lung cancer, NAFLD and breast cancer programs through near-term clinical milestones with multiple phases of clinical data generation expected throughout 2022 across all programs.

About LiquidLung

LiquidLung is a transformative biotechnology company dedicated to radically improving the detection, diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary disease. The company is centered around a patented multi-RNA liquid biopsy technology platform, consisting of three first-in-class, clinical-stage assays positioned to unlock value across the care continuum for lung cancer, from earlier detection to easier and more precise diagnosis and treatment of disease. For more information, visit

About IV BioHoldings

IV BioHoldings (IVBH) was established in 2018 with the vision of commercializing first-in-category precision health solutions that radically improve the detection, diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening diseases. IVBH’s novel distributed company platform is defined by speed, efficiency and risk management – from R&D to company creation to productization and commercialization – made possible through a unique integration of advanced data science, exponential technologies and powerful partnerships. The current IVBH ecosystem comprises three transformative bio startups born at the intersection of diagnostics and therapeutics, including LiquidLung, Inc., HepGene, Inc., and Mammogen, Inc., focused on pulmonary disease, metabolic disease, and women's health, respectively. For more information, visit


Press Contact:
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Press Contact:
Marty Keiser,