Now Developers Can Write Complex JavaScript Code in Appsmith

Powerful JavaScript Editor simplifies building internal tools, takes step towards IDE in low code

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Appsmith, the first open source low code software helping developers build internal tools, today announced a more powerful JavaScript Editor which enables developers to easily create complex internal applications with multiple functions in a single file.

“With the new capabilities in the JavaScript Editor, developers can write clean code with well-defined formats with everything in a single file,” said Abhishek Nayak, co-founder and CEO of Appsmith. “This makes maintaining the code much simpler and efficient, which increases productivity and represents a significant step towards an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in low code.”

New capabilities enabled by the JavaScript Editor include:

  • Reuse application logic and helper functions;
  • Define multiple functions and variables inside a JSObject so that it can be accessed anywhere;
  • Define queries with many conditions;
  • Declare global constants that can be accessed anywhere.

With the new JavaScript Editor, for example, it is possible to transform data from the popular Freshdesk API which is not returned in a user-friendly format -- with dates returned as ISO strings. With Appsmith, the dates can be made more human-readable using helper functions and then that same command can be applied after each API returns.

Another example is control over JavaScript executed on the ‘Page Load’ command so that, for example, it is now possible to write logic that checks for authentication of the user’s access token and if that is not present, then redirects to a login.

To learn more about the JavaScript Editor visit this link.

The open source Appsmith software has been downloaded more than 5 million times with users at over 1,000 enterprises in 100-plus countries. It has over 8,500 stars on GitHub and 160 contributors -- 120 of those from outside the company. Appsmith is the first open-source low code software that helps developers build custom (often critical yet tedious) internal and CRUD type applications quickly.

About Appsmith

Appsmith was founded in 2019 with the mission to enable backend engineers to build internal web apps quickly with a low code approach. Taking an open source software approach provides anyone with access to the software and the opportunity to get involved in the community. The company has offices in San Francisco and Bengaluru, India. For more information visit


Joe Eckert for Appsmith

Release Summary

Appsmith introduces JavaScript Editor, enabling developers to easily create complex internal applications with multiple functions in a single file.


Joe Eckert for Appsmith