Dr. Lindee Goh of Tapestry Networks and Jeffrey Feike, President and Chief Administrative Officer of Fort Loudoun Medical Center, Join Tevogen Bio’s Innovation and Public Health Advisory Council

METUCHEN, N.J.--()--Tevogen Bio, a clinical stage biotechnology company, announces the appointments of Dr. Lindee Goh who leads Tapestry Networks healthcare practice and Jeffrey Feike, President and Chief Administrative Officer of Fort Loudoun Medical Center in Tennessee, to its Innovation and Public Health Advisory Council (IPHAC).

The Council’s role is to advise on public health priorities based on assessments of regional or national health metrics and on the implementation of evidence-based innovation-driven programs, practices, and policies to improve health outcomes.

“Dr. Goh and Mr. Feike bring with them decades of unparalleled public and private healthcare experience and are true innovators in their fields,” said Tevogen CEO Ryan Saadi, M.D., M.P.H. “We are proud to welcome them to our Council, where their expertise, passion, vision, and dedication to improving health outcomes of all people will be invaluable to our mission of bringing lifesaving immunotherapies to large patient populations,” Saadi added.

Lindee Goh, Ph.D., leads Tapestry Networks healthcare practice, working with public and private sector leaders to develop effective strategies to improve clinical outcomes while fostering sustainable healthcare innovation. “I’m honored to join this council that is committed to the vital work of improving the health of all people and am excited to tackle long-standing problems in the public health space,” said Goh, who holds a doctorate in biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where she focused on basic cancer biology as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellow at the MIT Center for Cancer Research.

Jeffrey Feike is President and Chief Administrative Officer of Fort Loudoun Medical Center, a member of Covenant Health, in eastern Tennessee. He represents East Tennessee on the state EMS Board’s Clinical Issues Committee and serves on the board of Regional Medical Communications Center for East Tennessee. “The current pandemic is a public health crisis that needs novel solutions which require disruptive innovation, new biopharmaceutical business models, and a caring spirit. Tevogen embodies all three,” Feike said. “Also, the recent development of the Omicron variant has further heightened the urgent need for curative therapies that are not susceptible to mutations,” he added. Feike is member of Delta Omega, a national public health honor society as well as the American College of Healthcare Executives and serves as Chairman of the Loudon County EMS Council.

Tevogen’s investigational allogeneic SARS-CoV-2 specific Cytotoxic CD8+ T lymphocytes (CTL) therapy for high-risk COVID-19 patients, TVGN-489, is currently undergoing proof of concept clinical trial at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

About Tevogen Bio

Tevogen Bio is driven by a team of distinguished scientists and highly experienced biopharmaceutical leaders who have successfully developed and commercialized multiple franchises. In collaboration with key strategic partners, the company moved its lead product from discovery to clinical phase within 12 months of inception, shaving years off the industry’s standard for drug development timelines.

Tevogen leadership believes that affordable personalized immunotherapies are the next frontier of medicine and disruptive business models are required to sustain medical innovation in the post pandemic world. The company’s breakthrough technology overcomes traditional barriers to the broad application of targeted T cell therapies through revolutionary advances in speed to patient and product purity. Tevogen’s focus on organizational and manufacturing efficiency is core to its highly successful biopharma business model and goal to make personalized immunotherapies accessible to the masses for the first time. Tevogen Bio’s research pipeline includes targeted CD8+ T Lymphocyte therapeutics for the treatment of common cancers (NSCLC, Cervical Cancer) and difficult to eradicate serious viral infections (Hepatitis B).

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