KITERETSU Has Launched the First VR Game in ZOOKEEPER Series, "ZOOKEEPER: Blast Quest" and Is Now Available on Meta Quest Store

ZOOKEEPER: Blast Quest, the first game in the series to support VR, has been launched


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Trailer video of ZOOKEEPER: Blast Quest, the latest of the popular ZOOKEEPER puzzle game series, is now available on Meta Quest Store in VR.

TOKYO--()--"ZOOKEEPER: Blast Quest" is the latest series of action-puzzle games in the "ZOOKEEPER" series, which has been played by more than 30 million players worldwide for 18 years both on smartphones and game consoles.

The game is available on Meta Quest Store from December 2nd, 2021.

The first game in the series to support VR

In the game players will meet the familiar Zoo Owner and animals from ZOOKEEPER, walk around the zoo, and pet animals, all in virtual reality space.

  • Take on more and more puzzle stages filled with exciting gimmicks!
  • From stages with blocks stacked so high, to stages where you have to defeat the MECHA BOSS, and many more!
  • Enjoy the unique voxel art style of animals and their world, all in Virtual Reality!

Game Summary

The Player's objective in this game is to rebuild a large zoo which was abandoned a long time ago. The story progresses in an abandoned land where the zoo used to be.

  • As the player responds to requests from visitors and animals, clearing puzzles and missions in the zoo, the zoo will be completed as the story goes.
  • Destroy matching color blocks using Shooter, erase blocks of the same color at once, or mix some rockets to create huge explosions. Making more colors means more boosters and more explosions! A thrilling and exciting VR Puzzle experience.
  • Also, for the first time ever, the game has full-voice for the characters, including Zoo Owner, Visitors, and many others!

Build your way through the seven areas of the zoo, and complete all areas with their story-rich content!

App Details

Release Date: December 2nd 2021
Title: "ZOOKEEPER: Blast Quest"
Category: Puzzle
Price: $14.99 (USD)
Supported Platform: Quest, Quest2
Languages: English (US), Japanese

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KITERETSU is a company based in Japan (Tokyo) that plans, develops, and operates casual games, and Animation works.

The match-3 Puzzle "ZOOKEEPER" was born as a web game in 2002, and has since been developed for feature phones, console video games, and smartphones. "ZOOKEEPER" is a hugely popular ultimate action-puzzle that has been played by total over 30 million!

KITERETSU's major titles include "ZOOKEEPER Battle", a PVP puzzle that has been downloaded over 10 million times and currently is in its 10th year.
Another title is "ZOOKEEPER World" which was released exclusively on Apple Arcade in September 2021.

Animation work includes "KAMI USAGI ROPÉ" and currently is in its 12th year as a character for the TOHO Cinemas Movie theatre. KAMI USAGI ROPÉ also airs in the Fuji Television’s popular Program called "Mezamashi TV" and is in its 10th year of airing a new short animation every weekday (Monday to Friday).


Masanori Kusakabe

Release Summary

KITERETSU has launched the First VR game in ZOOKEEPER series, "ZOOKEEPER: Blast Quest" and is now available on Meta Quest Store

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