Grace Community Counseling & Social Services LLC’s Tracy Gantlin-Monroy, LPC, Joins Brainspotting as the First Black- American Female Trainer Worldwide.


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Hi there, please take a listen and watch; this less than 10 minute video is impactful! Introducing Tracy Gantlin-Monroy, MDiv, LPC presenting at the International Brainspotting Conference 2021, Denver, Colorado. I am passionate about humanity, equality, representation, healing, Brainspotting, and mental health. It is a pleasure to bring awareness to helping professionals, healthcare workers, community, clinicians, and clients with the goal of access to all from a social justice perspective. Inclusion is a must to support health and wellness.

ATLANTA--()--Tracy Gantlin-Monroy, MDiv, LPC with Grace Community Counseling & Social Services LLC, has been introduced as a Brainspotting trainer by Dr. David Grand, Brainspotting Founder & Developer, on September 14, 2021. She is a midwife to Brainspotting BIPOC Nation, also Brainspotting’s first Black-American, Female trainer in the United States and Internationally.

Gantlin-Monroy, midwifed Brainspotting’s persons of color project by John R. Edwards, LCSW, that evolved into BIPOC Nation. She developed the inclusive, international specialty training, Brainspotting: Intersectionality & Social Justice.

She is the trainer for BIPOC Brainspotting Phase 1 in December 2021 with more dates to be announced. BIPOC Brainspotting Phase 2 will be on the calendar. She speaks openly about diversity, equality, and inclusion on every terrain, understanding the need for mental health decolonization through love, compassion, understanding and awareness. Training schedules located at

Gantlin-Monroy presented at the International Brainspotting Conference 2021, Denver, CO, to a hybrid audience on location and virtually around the world, “Marginalized Communities: Serving the Culturally Diverse,” expressing how culture is readily pathologized.

Gantlin-Monroy's demand for humanitarian equilibrium started at the age of four years old, walking on a picket line. She has witnessed stigmatization, colorism, violence, and trauma within her family. Gantlin-Monroy, having been acculturated by dominant cultured White folks and later enculturated by her tribe of marginalized Black folks, understands the need for diversity, inclusion, and equity in mental health.

Gantlin-Monroy boasts, “Brainspotting is an opportunity to dislodge trauma and activate healing; the modality works especially well with marginalized and indigenous populations due to its inherent noncompliant, non-oppression practices. Brainspotting levels the playing field of healing making it accessible to all people.”

Tracy Gantlin-Monroy is the resident therapist at Grace Community Counseling & Social Services. She serves a population of Black, White, and Latin clients; 15% of her caseload are helping professionals, and 40% overall male. “Realizing there is no monopoly on healing or trauma becomes the awareness: humankind deserves an opportunity to heal, love and grow, Brainspotting serves this demand,” says Gantlin-Monroy. She offers introduction to Brainspotting talks nationwide and can be contacted at to schedule talks to organizations and groups. Brainspotting introductory talks are virtual.

She lives with her husband in Atlanta, Georgia, and has an adult son.


Tracy Gantlin-Monroy
Grace Community Counseling & Social Services, LLC

Release Summary

Brainspotting is a great fit for marginalized, indigenous persons pursuing healing from trauma, accentuation of skills for athletes and actors alike.


Tracy Gantlin-Monroy
Grace Community Counseling & Social Services, LLC