SmartCommerce and The Coupon Bureau to Bring Universal Digital Coupons to eCommerce

The companies are together unlocking the promise of omnichannel promotion.

ATLANTA--()--SmartCommerce, the leader in direct-to-cart technology for CPG brands, and The Coupon Bureau, the non-profit new industry standard-maker for digital coupons, announced today at Adweek Commerce Week a partnership built to combine these technologies to drive frictionless online promotion for brands and their retail partners.

Until now, the lack of a safe, effective Universal standard for digital coupons has hampered efforts to bring traditional offline price promotion to digital advertising. The Coupon Bureau has partnered with industry leaders, providers, retailers, and advertisers to build a set of standards and processes to remove this barrier. The partnership with SmartCommerce, whose Click2Cart technology creates a frictionless carting experience from anywhere, will let brands give consumers a single-click bridge between existing brand touchpoints (ads, social media, packaging) and a promoted product landing their favorite retailer’s cart with a Universal Digital Coupon discount applied.

“When advertising was done in one place (broadcast and print) and buying was done in another (in the store) - physical coupons worked well as a bridge. But today, with advertising and buying both being done online, the reliance on physical coupons has been a barrier to many online promotions. The Coupon Bureau has built the standards and process to unlock this huge value for brands, and we are excited to partner with them in bringing this to Brands and their Retail partners,” says Jennifer Silverberg, SmartCommerce CEO.

Brandi Johnson, CEO of The Coupon Bureau, adds, “When we were developing the functionality, it was with applications like SmartCommerce in mind. We know that consumers are massively friction-averse when discovering and buying products online, so SmartCommerce’s Click2Cart technology + The Coupon Bureau’s Universal Digital Coupons are a natural fit for fitting promotion into the way consumers are willing to buy.”

The companies are currently accepting pre-registrations for integrated offers beginning Q1 of 2022. Please contact for more information.

About SmartCommerce

SmartCommerce is an AI-based data platform that acquires and optimizes real-time retailer product data to power frictionless eCommerce volume for CPG manufacturers and their retailer partners. Optimized for the way consumers actually discover and choose CPG products online, SmartCommerce's core Click2Cart solutions help consumers cart over $1Billion of products from brand websites, ads, social media posts and more, annually. To learn more about the SmartCommerce Click2Cart technology, please visit: Click2Cart® is a trademark of SmartCommerce, the provider of Click2Cart services.

About The Coupon Bureau (TCB)

TCB is a non-profit, industry-managed coupon data exchange technology platform that works with many of the largest consumer goods manufacturers and retailers.


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Release Summary

SmartCommerce and The Coupon Bureau announced today a partnership to drive frictionless online promotion for brands and their retail partners.


Carla Etheridge,