XPENG Unveils New G9 Flagship Smart SUV for Global Markets

  • Designed for international and Chinese markets
  • International standards: Dual C-NCAP & E-NCAP safety design standards
  • Compliant with international environmental protection and sustainability standards
  • X-EEA 3.0, XPILOT 4.0, other advanced systems on board
  • XPower 3.0 supercharging system delivers significant power and performance upgrades


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XPENG flagship smart SUV G9 unveiled

GUANGZHOU, China--()--XPeng Inc. (XPENG or the Company, NYSE: XPEV and HKEX: 9868), today unveiled its new G9 flagship smart SUV at the 19th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition. Incorporating XPENG’s latest state-of-the-art software architecture and hardware platform, the G9 is the Company’s fourth production model, and the first to have been conceived and designed from the outset for both domestic Chinese and international markets.

Built according to international safety and environmental protection standards, the G9 boasts ultra-high intelligence, industry-leading charging capability with a bold, yet minimalist design style. It is XPENG’s first production model to incorporate the ground-breaking X-EEA 3.0 electronic and electrical architecture, the latest XPILOT 4.0 advanced driver assistance system and the new generation XPower 3.0 powertrain and supercharging system.



“Our G9 flagship smart SUV represents a new level of sophistication with a global perspective, and is an essential part of our exploration of smarter, safer, greener and sustainable mobility,” said He Xiaopeng, CEO and Chairman of XPENG.

XPENG Co-founder and President Henry Xia said at Auto Guangzhou: “G9 is our first model to be conceived and developed from the ground up for both the international and Chinese markets, demonstrating our commitment to the international markets and bringing our most sophisticated designs to our customers worldwide.”

Built for global markets, compliant with global standards

The G9 is purposefully built with an international perspective, compliant with the C-NCAP and E-NCAP 5-star safety design standards, and the stringent EU WVTA vehicle certification standards.

In line with XPENG’s drive for greener, safer and more sustainable mobility, the G9 meets the requirements for EU 3R certification, an international benchmark for environmental protection requirements, with a reusability rate of over 85%, and a recyclable rate of over 95%.

Distinctive design style for international appeal

The G9 incorporates XPENG’s distinctive design characteristics with minimalist, superior and pioneering styling. The exterior design creates a flagship SUV profile with strong XPENG brand recognition that also aligns with international smart car expectations.

The front profile of the G9 has the immediately recognizable XPENG X Robot Face, complete with XPENG’s characteristic daytime running light design. New iconic details on the daytime running lights add an additional sharp-eyed impression. The G9 perfectly integrates two LiDAR units directly into the headlights, merging cutting-edge technology with elegant design.

The G9 has a high horizontal waistline running the length of the body, dividing the whole car longitudinally according to the golden ratio. Meanwhile, G9’s rear-slanting A-pillars, short front overhang and long rear overhang, plus 21-inch wheels, all contribute to an elegant, luxurious ensemble.

G9’s design also emphasizes the prominence of high-tech fittings, through its visual perception system, 5G antenna and its low-wind resistance wheels, all harmonized with the natural vitality of its curvilinear surfaces.

XPILOT 4.0 – full scenario advanced driver assistance

The G9 is XPENG’s first model equipped with XPILOT 4.0, the company’s in-house proprietary advanced driver assistance system. XPILOT 4.0 will be the first to deliver full-scenario assisted smart driving from vehicle start-up to parking, in an important step towards achieving full autonomous driving in the future.

XPILOT 4.0 is built on a new-generation hardware platform, with 508 TOPS ECU computing power supported by two NVIDIA Drive Orin autonomous driving SoC (System-on-the-Chip) units, 8-million-pixel front-view binocular camera and 2.9-million-pixel side-view cameras (covering front, rear, left and right view), and a highly integrated and expandable domain controller.

The enhanced hardware will significantly increase XPILOT’s perception capability on top of its market-leading multiple-perception fusion platform.

X-EEA 3.0 - deep integration to deliver superior intelligence

The G9 is built on XPENG’s new proprietary X-EEA 3.0 electronic and electrical architecture, an industry-leading platform deeply integrating hardware, software and communications architecture to achieve greater simplicity, powerful performance, and high upgradable flexibility.

The X-EEA 3.0 architecture consists of a centralised supercomputing platform and local control modules. At the software level, the vehicle software suite has been structured in layers – system software platform, foundation software platform and intelligent application platform – for faster development and iteration of functions such as advanced driver assistance, voice vehicle control and other smart scenarios.

FOTA upgrade as fast as 30 mins. Gigabit Ethernet communications architecture

The G9 will be China’s first model to implement a Gigabit Ethernet communications architecture, supporting multiple communication protocols, allowing vehicles to transmit and receive big data faster. This significantly boosts its support for advanced driver assistance, smart cockpit, and firmware OTA upgrades.

The X-EEA 3.0 architecture not only upgrades its software at higher speed, it also enables the G9 to perform self-diagnostics, greatly improving vehicle safety. Benefiting from its ability to synchronously upgrade multiple domain controllers, G9’s firmware OTA upgrade can be completed as fast as 30 minutes without interrupting the vehicle operation and driving function. Once the G9 restarts, upgraded features will be fully implemented, achieving seamless OTA experience.

G9’s vehicle's power distribution is 100% controllable across all systems, allowing accurate and efficient distribution according to the current usage scenario, greatly reducing energy consumption in powered-off, starting, and standby modes.

XPower 3.0 – ground-breaking powertrain technology and performance boost

The G9 boasts XPENG’s new-generation XPower 3.0 powertrain system with China’s first 800V high-voltage mass-production SiC platform, which is able to charge up to 200 km in range in just 5 minutes with a maximum energy efficiency of over 95%.

To fully optimize the utility of the 800V SiC platform, XPENG is also rolling out lightweight 480 kW high-voltage supercharging piles, with 670A+ flow rate capacity, IP67 protection, and safety monitoring, delivering a superior safe and convenient charging experience for customers.

XPENG currently has the largest supercharging network among all Chinese auto brands, with 550 branded supercharging stations and 1,734 free supercharging stations nationwide in China as of 31 October 2021.

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For Media Enquiries:
Marie Cheung
XPeng Inc.
Tel: +852 9750 5170 / +86 1550 7577 546
Email: mariecheung@xiaopeng.com