Former Walmart, Executives Launch Sustain.Life, a Sustainability SaaS Platform Helping Companies Manage Carbon Emissions and Reduce Their Environmental Impact

The first company to be founded by the 4Sided Venture Studio, Sustain.Life has raised $7M in pre-seed funding

NEW YORK--()--Sustain.Life, the SaaS platform helping companies across industries measure and reduce their environmental impact, today launched its public beta, inviting all companies and organizations looking to become more sustainable to benefit from its offerings. Sustain.Life helps make sustainability universally accessible, providing companies with an affordable, easy-to-use SaaS platform that empowers organizations—regardless of budget, expertise, or industry—to adopt more sustainable business practices, account for their carbon usage, and reduce their environmental impact.

To date, Sustain.Life has raised $7 million in pre-seed funding, which the company will use to continue developing and scaling the platform. Sustain.Life is currently being used by leading companies and organizations across a variety of industries, from women’s sexual wellness company, Dame, and, the private search engine that summarizes the web for you; to the Sustainable Cannabis Coalition, a consortium of leading cannabis companies working to make the industry more sustainable.

Whereas most sustainability solutions on the market today are priced out of reach of many businesses, Sustain.Life is the first truly cost-effective solution available, bringing users the tools and guidance they need to drive sustainability programs forward at an accessible price point. As part of Sustain.Life’s commitment to help scale action on climate change and allow any company to start measuring their greenhouse gas emissions without having to purchase expensive tools, Sustain.Life offers a free entry-level tier that includes access to its key carbon accounting features, including scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions calculators. Access to the full platform is priced at $250/month.

Sustain.Life’s offerings include:

  • Emissions calculators, which measure an organization’s carbon footprint;
  • Program management tools, including tailored action plans that enable organizations to reduce impact across energy, water, waste, and associated emissions, and effectively communicate their progress to key stakeholders;
  • Standards alignment tools, including assessment mapping that enables organizations to align with evolving reporting certifications;
  • Employee benefit offerings, such as an employee offsets subscription for remote/hybrid workers, which lets businesses affordably offset common employee emissions, including household waste, home electricity, and commuting and business travel; and
  • Policy builder, a tool that equips companies with best-practice policy language to help them create customized sustainability policies.

“Building a sustainability strategy is crucial for a thriving business. Not only is it necessary to combat the growing threat of climate change—it can also help cut costs; make a company more attractive to customers, investors, and current and prospective employees; and build resilience for today’s ‘new normal,’ in which sustainability is table stakes,” said Annalee Bloomfield, CEO of Sustain.Life and Co-Founder of 4Sided Venture Studio. “Yet operationalizing sustainability is challenging, as it requires navigating complex and dynamic regulatory landscapes; leveraging disparate data from across the organization; and engaging numerous stakeholders. Sustain.Life solves these critical pain points, streamlining the process of implementing a world-class sustainability program by equipping companies across industries with the tools and expert guidance they need to define and achieve their sustainability goals.”

“At Dame—the women-powered source for products for pleasure, designed to nourish sexual wellness and deepen connections—we are single-mindedly focused on creating products that women love while ensuring that we operate in an environmentally sustainable manner,” said Alexandra Fine, CEO, Dame. “There are ample opportunities across the sexual wellness value chain to improve environmental sustainability, and Sustain.Life helps us better identify, understand and mitigate our environmental impact.”

Sustain.Life is the first company to be founded by the 4Sided Venture Studio, a startup incubator that builds, scales, and invests in B2B SaaS companies. 4Sided and Sustain.Life were co-founded by three former Walmart executives who built AI-powered technology for the retail industry at Walmart’s Intelligent Retail Lab: Mike Hanrahan, who previously co-founded and served as the company’s CTO before it was acquired by Walmart for $3.3B in 2016, and served as CEO of Walmart’s Intelligent Retail Lab following the acquisition; Annalee Bloomfield, current CEO of Sustain.Life and former Senior Director and Head of Product and Customer Experience at Walmart’s Intelligent Retail Lab; and Patrick Campagnano, former Head of Engineering at Walmart’s Intelligent Retail Lab.

“Sustainability is a top priority for myself, Annalee and Patrick, both personally and professionally. So when we founded 4Sided Venture Studio, we knew that sustainability would be a core value of every venture we would launch,” said Mike Hanrahan, Co-Founder and CEO of 4Sided Venture Studio. “We realized, however, that developing and implementing an actionable sustainability agenda is a major challenge for organizations across industries. There simply aren't enough sustainability experts available to implement sustainability programs at the scale needed to meet global climate targets, and companies need a solution that makes it easy for non-experts to do so effectively. We decided to address this critical gap in the market by drawing upon our passion for sustainability and experience building enterprise-grade software to create a comprehensive SaaS solution that companies can use to become more sustainable. As a result, Sustain.Life was born.”

Learn more about Sustain.Life here.

About Sustain.Life

Sustain.Life is the SaaS platform helping companies across industries measure and reduce their environmental impact. Launched through the 4Sided Venture Studio in 2021, Sustain.Life enables organizations to future-proof themselves by embracing sustainable practices that manage carbon emissions, reduce costs and help distinguish them to customers, partners, investors and recruits. Learn more at Sustain.Life

About 4Sided Venture Studio

Founded in 2020, 4Sided Venture Studio is a startup incubator focused on building, scaling, and funding business to business SaaS companies. By providing strategic direction, top talent, and capital to early-stage SaaS organizations, 4Sided helps accelerate growth and build repeatable business processes that ensure the long-term success of their portfolio companies. By adhering to three core values - sustainability, excellence, and stewardship - 4Sided hopes to usher in a new generation of companies that will positively impact both their business sectors and society as a whole. Learn more at


Yaron Ginsberg


Yaron Ginsberg