American Carbon Registry Approves Carbon Reduction and Removal Methodology for Small Private Forestlands

Finite Carbon’s CORE Carbon platform to use the methodology to offer non-industrial forest landowners new opportunities to participate in the carbon offset markets

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WAYNE, Penn.--()--Finite Carbon, North America’s leading developer and supplier of forest carbon offsets, announced that the American Carbon Registry (ACR) has adopted the first methodology to provide uniform carbon offset standards designed specifically for small landowners.

Approved by ACR, the leading global nonprofit voluntary greenhouse gas registry, this methodology provides a new, transparent, and independently verified carbon market incentive for landowners with between 40 and 5,000 forested acres. Finite Carbon plans to use the methodology to offer carbon removal programs to small forest landowners across the United States through the company’s CORE Carbon™ online platform.

Small forest landowners own a combined 200 million acres across the United States. Experts predict opening the carbon market to this segment has the potential to significantly increase carbon removals and storage and further mitigate the effects of climate change. However, the prohibitively high costs of project development, monitoring, and reporting have previously prevented small landowners from monetizing the value of management practices that lead to increasing and maintaining carbon sequestration.

The newly approved methodology lowers these costs by using remote sensing technology that cost-effectively and accurately quantifies greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions and removals resulting from harvest deferral on non-industrial private forest lands.

“With this methodology, we can empower private owners of forested land to access, create, and manage their carbon offsets on a single platform,” says Sean Carney, CEO of Finite Carbon. “Now with the American Carbon Registry’s fully transparent registry system and carbon accounting standards, we’re thrilled to be able to offer small landowners new opportunities to benefit from sustainable stewardship, just as large landowners have done for years, while protecting our natural resources for future generations.”

“As we explore further ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is important to develop methodologies that enable more small landowners to participate in the carbon market, for their benefit, and for the benefit of the planet,” said Jessica Orrego, the Director of Forestry at ACR. “We’re extremely proud of this methodology developed with Finite Carbon, and applaud Finite's work to open the carbon market to 200 million forested acres, doing so in such a way that ensures offset projects are credible and make a significant contribution to climate action in the U.S.”

Forest landowners who are interested in CORE Carbon can sign up to receive more information at

About CORE Carbon:

CORE Carbon is an online platform that streamlines the development of high-quality carbon offsets. CORE’s debut offering allows landowners with as few as 40 forested acres to earn revenue for managing their lands to remove and store carbon. CORE’s small landowner project opportunities are underpinned by a rigorous, peer-reviewed accounting methodology adopted by the American Carbon Registry to ensure the integrity of its carbon offset projects. Created by Finite Carbon, the leading forestry specialist and developer of carbon offsets, CORE Carbon will announce and list opportunities on the platform as they become available. Learn more and sign up for announcements at

About Finite Carbon:

Finite Carbon is North America’s leading developer of forest carbon offsets. With offices in seven states, it combines unparalleled project development experience with extensive carbon market knowledge. Finite Carbon has generated over one-third of all California compliance offset supply and delivered more than $500 million to landowners. Its project portfolio includes nearly three million acres of working forestland representing every region and major forest type from the Appalachians to coastal Alaska.


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Release Summary

The American Carbon Registry (ACR) approves Finite Carbon's methodology, the first to provide uniform carbon offset standards for small landowners.


For Media Inquiries:
Regan Keller