Integrity Solutions Named to Selling Power Magazine’s Top Virtual Sales Training Companies 2021 List

Integrity Solutions has been named to Selling Power’s list of Top Virtual Sales Training Companies for the 2nd Consecutive Year.

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--()--Integrity Solutions, the longtime leader in sales performance, training and coaching, has added to its impressive list of industry awards by being named to Selling Power’s 2021 list of the Top 20 Virtual Sales Training Companies.

“This designation is a testament to the work our team is doing to serve our clients and the unique needs salespeople have today,” says Mike Esterday, CEO of Integrity Solutions. “While we have been blending live virtual, in-person and digital training for many years, we’ve added a number of robust programs specifically designed for the unique challenges of selling virtually, as well as asynchronous reinforcement programs that keep concepts top of mind and deepen the learning. These new solutions have helped sales organizations shift their mindsets about what’s possible with virtual sales training solutions — and helped our clients meet and surpass their growth goals, even in the midst of a pandemic.”

Integrity Solutions’ virtual sales training programs are designed specifically with today’s salesperson in mind to maximize engagement, interaction and relevance and ensure greater retention. Some of the hallmarks of this training are shorter sessions, small group breakout rooms and frequent collaboration among learners.

Additionally, over three years ago, the firm adapted its flagship learning solution, Integrity Selling®, into a blended solution, featuring both virtual and blended learning. All of the company’s sales training programs are built on selling principles and behaviors rooted in ethics and integrity.

“The through line across all of our virtual sales training programs remains a customer-centric, values-based approach to selling that truly deepens customer relationships,” Esterday says. “And that starts with our facilitators, who really are the best in the industry. In face-to-face training, the facilitator feeds off the audience. In virtual training, they are now ‘at the table.’ Our facilitators view themselves more like coaches, leading and engaging participants through a conversation, rather than being ‘the trainer’ at the front of the room.”

According to Selling Power, the main criteria used when comparing applicants and selecting the companies to include on this year’s list included:

  • Strategies to keep participants engaged
  • The scope and breadth of virtual sales training offerings
  • Methodologies for supporting participant retention
  • Innovation in offerings and/or delivery as a response to customer needs or changes in the marketplace
  • Strength of client satisfaction and general client feedback

Selling Power editors recommend that CROs, sales VPs and sales enablement leaders leverage this list to find the right sales training partner to deliver best-in-class virtual sales training.

Learn more about Integrity Solutions’ newest programs: Virtual Selling With Integrity™, Integrity Selling Refresh® and Integrity Selling Elevate™.

About Integrity Solutions

As performance experts, Integrity Solutions equips sales teams to rise up and achieve their full potential by building trusted customer relationships grounded in integrity. The firm is the partner of choice for values-driven organizations and specializes in innovative sales, service and coaching training solutions that fuel performance, grow talent, lift up customers, and elevate leaders.

Integrity Solutions has more than five decades of providing excellent, award-winning sales training and coaching solutions in 130 countries and industries including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and industrial, energy and utilities, call centers, agriculture, transportation and more.

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Will Milano

Release Summary

Integrity Solutions has been named to Selling Power’s list of Top Virtual Sales Training Companies for the 2nd Consecutive Year.


Will Milano