SigmaLedger’s CuBE, a Universal Solution for Coupons and Rewards, Adopted by P&G and Walgreens

P&G and Walgreens adopt SigmaLedger’s CuBE as a universal solution for coupons and rewards. (Graphic: Business Wire)

JERSEY CITY, N.J.--()--SigmaLedger, a leading SaaS provider of blockchain-based innovative traceability solutions, announced today that CuBE (Coupon Business Exchange), their solution to address coupon fraud, has been adopted by P&G (Procter & Gamble) and Walgreens.

Coupon fraud costs the retail industry over $100 million each year.1 In addition, retailers must face other consequences such as delayed checkouts, cashier/shopper friction and a lengthy and labor-intensive coupon clearing process. CuBE eliminates coupon fraud, accelerates coupon clearance, and reduces overall processing costs. It is a proactive solution, rejecting fraud at POS (point of sale) in real-time at the first occurrence.

“We are proud to bring this innovative solution to the market, addressing an industry-wide problem that negatively impacts manufacturers, retailers, employees and customers,” said Oleksandr Rivkind, CEO of SigmaLedger. “We are grateful to the early adopters of CuBE, who have supported our efforts in fraud prevention.”

CuBE utilizes Blockchain technology to secure the data, bring trust and enable further innovation to coupon issuance, clearing and settlement.

“We are proud to fund SigmaLedger, via our start-up ecosystem ventures program, and help drive innovation and technology transformations for enterprise CPG/Retail organizations,” said Elaina Shekhter, Chief Strategy Officer of EPAM Systems. “SigmaLedger’s blockchain-based CuBE solution transforms the retail coupon technology landscape by accelerating clearances, improving traceability and vastly reducing fraud.”

CuBE connects manufacturers and retailers, allowing coupon validation to be run at POS, rejecting fraudulent coupons, and reporting redemption in real time. It also offers digital clearing which saves money, leads to faster retailer reimbursement, and provides access to transaction-level data.

“CuBE has had nearly instant success, virtually eliminating counterfeit coupons with our launch partners,” said Mike Loyson, Brand Director of Value Delivery and Couponing, Procter & Gamble Co. “Beyond the financial benefits of fraud elimination, CuBE quickens and conciliates shopper checkout and delivers an innovation glidepath via a platform that can scale across manufacturers and retailers in weeks.”

The adoption of CuBE is growing rapidly among retailers and manufacturers, offering a forward-looking solution, detecting fraud for both paper and digital coupons and finding suspicious patterns, stolen coupons and more. It is currently deployed in over 10,000 US stores and reduced fraud by nearly 90% immediately after deployment.

“The integration of CuBE with our existing software was seamless, with no notable reduction in processing speed,” said Heather Vondrasek, Asset Protection, Walgreens. “The adoption of CuBE has equipped our team members with the technology to identify and reject counterfeit coupons, leading to an overall reduction in losses associated with coupon fraud."

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Oleksandr Rivkind


Oleksandr Rivkind