Sellzone by Semrush Celebrates First Year With Launch of Three New Tools

New features establish toolkit as a competitive player in the market of tools for Amazon SEO

BOSTON--()--Sellzone (formerly Sellerly), a toolkit for Amazon sellers and agencies powered by Semrush, a leading online visibility management SaaS platform, marks one year since the launch of a toolkit for Amazon sellers with three new tools. The introduction of these features establishes the toolkit as a competitive player on the market of tools for Amazon SEO, PPC and product research.

Alexander Attsik, head of Sellzone, commented, “In the year since the official launch of the Sellerly [note: prior name of Sellzone] toolkit, we’ve hit several major milestones, starting with the renaming and rebranding in May 2021. Our new name, ‘Sellzone,’ was positively received by our community and a new easy-to-remember “star” logo has further established the new brand. During this year, we continued working closely with Amazon sellers and experts to develop tools and features meeting their most pressing needs, including a highly-requested Amazon Organic report, commonly known as reverse ASIN search. We made our first step to Amazon PPC with the PPC Optimizer tool and released a free tool for Amazon Product Research.”

The recently launched Sellzone tools and features include:

  • Keyword Wizard tool – Amazon keyword research tool with a database of more than 200 million keywords, enabling sellers to improve Amazon listing visibility by finding high-volume search terms to rank for.
  • Amazon Organic report in Traffic Insights tool – provides analysis of keywords driving internal organic traffic to an Amazon listing, and tracks and analyzes competitors’ listings performance. With this new Amazon Organic report, the Sellzone Amazon Traffic Insights tool became the most advanced reverse ASIN research tool on the market.
  • Amazon PPC Optimizer tool – helps Amazon sellers launch and manage their Amazon ads campaigns by building the semantic core and tracking the effectiveness.
  • Amazon Product Research tool –identifies the most profitable products and categories to sell on Amazon, provides the FBA calculator, and shows the breakdown of Amazon fees associated with selling a particular product.

Other Sellzone tools are:

  • Listing Quality Check - Audits listing content for potential suspension threats and Amazon guideline compliance and provides actionable tips on improving listing performance.
  • Listing Protection - Monitors listings of sellers’ own or competing products and alerts users via email or SMS about various changes in the product listing.
  • Split Testing - Runs automated split testing of product pages helping to determine which parameters perform better for the listings based on live test data.

More than 1.3 million new sellers have joined Amazon since 2020, and the bigger the marketplace grows, the more challenging it is for brands to stay competitive. Sellzone helps sellers meet this challenge by not only continuing to fulfill their primary needs, but by enhancing the Sellzone toolkit with Semrush’s considerable expertise in SEO and digital marketing. For example, our Traffic Insights tool provides a broad view of the traffic to an Amazon listing, including external traffic sources analytics, such as Google Organic and Referral traffic. Tools that deliver a view this comprehensive are rare in this market, and the Traffic Insights tool generated attention from many experts and was mentioned at offline and online events,” added Alexander Attsik.

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About Sellzone

Sellzone, formerly known as Sellerly, is a suite of tools for Amazon business growth powered by Semrush. Sellzone provides insights into your Amazon Marketplace performance through seven different tools. Each one of them is designed to address a specific set of challenges for Amazon sellers: Amazon SEO and keyword research, reverse ASIN analytics and competitive research, Amazon advertising, Amazon product research, Amazon listing monitoring and optimization, compliance with Amazon requirements and listing protection.

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Jana Garanko, Semrush


Jana Garanko, Semrush