TruRating Announce the Release of New Report Investigating Consumer Loyalty in 2021 Following Survey of 180,000+ US Consumers

ATLANTA--()--TruRating, a global technology platform specializing in consumer insights for retailers and brands, has released a report exploring the state of loyalty, following a survey of 180,000+ consumers in the United States conducted between June-July 2021.

Consumer data collected via a patented payment-integrated survey software, has revealed a noted shift in consumer behaviour, driven by the on-going disruptions of Covid in the retail sector.

The survey consisting of six core questions revealed several insights into on-going consumer attitudes:

  • 26% of consumers have changed the brands they buy due to Covid
  • 60% of consumers feel an emotional connection to their favourite brands
  • 68% of consumers are more loyal to their favourite brands since COVID
  • 77% of consumers consider a brand’s values before purchasing

TruRating CEO Georgina Nelson said of the findings, “As we enter a busy, critical period for retail, it’s vital that businesses understand their consumers state of mind, especially in light of the potential long-tail impacts of COVID.”

Global Head of Marketing and Innovation Amy Daugherty said, “I’ve worked in the industry for 20 years and loyalty has always been hard to track. Be it NPS or imperfect panels, you’re often dealing with out of date, unreliable data. This report presents a real-time view of shifting consumer behaviours – not just ‘how loyal’ shoppers are, but what’s driving that loyalty – and that’s completely unique.”

TruRating recently presented at Retail Week Live in London and will be exhibiting at the National Retail Federation’s annual showcase in New York in January 2022.

The report “Mapping Loyalty in Uncertain Times” can be accessed online or as a PDF report now.

About TruRating

TruRating, founded in 2014 by consumer rights lawyer Georgina Nelson, provides feedback with industry-leading response rates (80% in-store, 50% online) via a patented system that delivers micro-survey questions at the point of sale. By combining payment validated responses with transactional data, TruRating helps retailers understand how each area of their customer experience impacts customer spend, sentiment and loyalty. TruRating’s data also fuels an online recommendations platform designed to challenge an industry that is dealing with increasingly frequent accusations of unrepresentative and inauthentic content.

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TruRating announce the release of a new report investigating Consumer Loyalty in 2021 following a survey of 180,000+ US consumers

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Daniel Frank, Content Strategist –, +1 404 567 3416