Dovetail Genomics and Revive & Restore Team Up to Sequence the Mysterious and Potentially at-Risk Wolverine (Gulo gulo) as Part of the “A Genome for…” Program

Crowdfunding for high-quality genome assembly for the wolverine begins immediately, following successful full funding of “A Genome for Basuki” project

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.--()--Dovetail Genomics, the world-leader in high-quality de novo genome assembly, and Revive & Restore, the leading wildlife conservation organization promoting the incorporation of biotechnologies into standard conservation practice, announced today the second project in the “A Genome for…” (AG4) program, sequencing a female wolverine nicknamed Laura. The new effort, “A Genome for Laura,” will be crowdfunded by donations made by Dovetail on behalf of its service project customers. The genome assembly will become part of Revive & Restore’s Wild Genomes collection, which will be open-source, made freely available to the research and conservation community for immediate and future applications.

The first AG4 project, "A Genome for Basuki,” is now fully funded, and will provide the research community with a high-quality genome assembly for the endangered Banggai Cardinalfish of Indonesia, which went from discovery to near extinction in a matter of a few years due to high demand from the aquarium trade.

“We are excited to be embarking on another AG4 project,” said Todd Dickinson, CEO of Dovetail Genomics. “A high-quality genome assembly is a critical tool for species conservation. Now that “A Genome for Basuki” funding has been completed, we are excited to get started on the wolverine genome.”

Despite undergoing substantial decline, the North American wolverine has thus far failed to be listed by the Endangered Species Act twice due to a lack of information, and there are currently no genomic resources for wolverines in the United States and Canada. Drs. Ellie Armstrong and Joanna Kelley, Washington State University (Pullman), have initiated a project in collaboration with academic and agency partners to build non-invasive monitoring tools for several species with range overlap in the Pacific Northwest, including the wolverine.

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to build a genome for the wolverine with Dovetail and Revive & Restore,” said Dr. Armstrong. “Wolverines are very elusive and have been declining in the United States over the last several decades, but a lack of information has limited protective measures. This genome will help us develop DNA-based technologies that can aid in conservation and also provide basic information about wolverine population structure and biology."

Bridget Baumgartner, Revive & Restore’s Catalyst Science Fund program manager, said, “Legal protections of the wolverine have been held up by a lack of data. A reference genome will enable a whole new world of monitoring technologies that can determine if wolverines need to be protected and how best to help them recover. Revive & Restore is thrilled to support genomic insight for this important and unusual species.”

Additional information about “A Genome for Laura” will be shared at the upcoming Dovetail Conservation Genomics Summit on October 27, 2021, which will bring together genome biologists and top researchers in the field of conservation biology to address how human pressures resulting in habitat loss and climate change are causing species extinctions at an alarming rate, with a focus on the ways genomics is informing how leading conservation scientists are managing endangered populations and reducing species extinction. Full event details can be found here:

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Wild Genomes is part of Revive & Restore’s Catalyst Science Fund, which supports proof-of-concept science to advance the development of new biotechnology tools for conservation. Launched in 2018, the Catalyst Science Fund is designed to hasten impactful innovations in conservation. A key barrier to the adoption of genomic solutions by the conservation community has been the lack of success stories. To that end, the Catalyst Science Fund supports early-stage, transformative bio-science research, and proof-of-concept projects.

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Michael Sullivan


Michael Sullivan