Transposit Unveils New AWS, GCP and Azure Actions, Enabling CloudOps to Make Change Safe Through Self-Service Workflows

With New Cloud Actions, Transposit Empowers ITOps to Modernize Service Requests and Scale Infrastructure-as-Code Practices

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Transposit, the DevOps process orchestration company, today announced new Actions for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Azure connectors that empower engineering and cloud operations teams to move faster – with assurance – by enabling self-service infrastructure through automated workflows. Transposit Actions can be added to any step within a Runbook to create automated workflows across diverse stacks so that whichever tools teams are using, visibility, context and actionability are right at their fingertips. Bringing cloud services into these workflows empowers CloudOps to deliver great customer service and ensure reliability, ultimately driving business value by allowing engineering teams to get immediate access to the services and infrastructure they need to ship software rapidly and safely.

Transposit’s no-code builder coupled with developer customization enables operations to create self-service workflows that let users do everything from provisioning infrastructure to creating new accounts and permissions. Transposit takes a human-in-the-loop approach to automation, enabling teams to create workflows that have varying levels of human intervention. Teams can create workflows for fully automated self-serve requests where no human intervention is required. Transposit Runbooks ensure that failure is anticipated, with “if fails” logic baked right in. Users can choose what automated actions are executed if a Runbook fails, whether it’s creating an incident or alerting a service owner. Transposit reduces the manual toil of operations by allowing automation to take the brunt of the work, while bringing humans in when needed.

“Transposit workflows empower anyone across digital operations to take action,” said Divanny Lamas, Transposit CEO. “Rather than relying on a specialist in a tool like Terraform to make every change, these workflows enable more people to add value, accomplish important tasks and focus on key business priorities. Transposit is democratizing the actions that keep operations and development teams moving forward, reducing the burden on specialists and accelerating the rate of innovation.”

New Actions for AWS, GCP and Azure connectors provide powerful use cases that enable engineering and cloud operations teams to:

  • Immediately access data from cloud services (e.g., recent deployments, service status across regions, list instances).
  • Take action on these connected cloud services:
    • During an incident, use human-in-the-loop automation, where humans use contextual data to choose to restart a server or scale an instance. Teams may even fully automate these actions if there are repetitive incidents that take the same action every time.
    • Service request automation (i.e., provision a new EC2 instance, create a new AWS account, grant new permissions).

Transposit’s Self-Service Workflows Largely Reduce Potential for Errors

This level of automation not only accelerates access to services teams need to get work done, but also adds a layer of assurance. Operations teams are able to create guardrails for configuration management processes through workflows that take input from the user, get data from another system and dynamically generate code – ultimately ensuring that the state of infrastructure is as expected before making any modifications. Rather than manually fulfilling a request, which has the potential for human error, workflows executable through chat or the Transposit UI offer a safe interface to make configuration changes using pre-configured input fields and managed authorization. Simple input models reduce the potential for errors by ensuring descriptions are formatted correctly and modifications are predictable and consistent.

The new Actions for AWS, GCP and Azure also ensure that when incidents do occur, operations teams have both the data needed to make decisions and the ability to take immediate action in any connected cloud service. Transposit’s automatic Timelines capture every action by humans or machines so teams can evaluate how automated workflows are being used and continuously improve the experience. Timelines also ensure compliance with a full audit trail. Transposit Runbooks use human-in-the-loop automation to automate the repetitive tasks of incident response, accelerating the speed at which teams can go from alert to investigation. Should an incident meet certain trigger criteria, teams can create Runbooks that automatically run an AWS service status check or create a Slack channel, Jira ticket or any other common incident response actions. Instantly, people are brought together with the contextual data needed to use judgment and decide next steps. Using Actions within a Runbook, teams can instantly scale a server or role back a recent change – all from Slack or Microsoft Teams, or from the Transposit web UI.

To learn more about Transposit’s new cloud Actions, request a demo.

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About Transposit

Transposit delivers DevOps process orchestration. Its fully integrated, human-in-the-loop approach to automation empowers engineering operations teams to streamline DevOps practices, enhance service reliability and resolve incidents faster. As the glue between tools, data and people, Transposit codifies institutional knowledge to make processes data-driven and repeatable with Runbooks that help teams incrementally automate tasks. Transposit’s automatic Timelines capture the complete history of all actions taken through the system and surface actionable insights that drive operational improvement. Powered by the Transposit Integration Engine that combines hundreds of pre-built integrations with code-level customization, the cloud-based platform is able to connect to any service with an API. Organizations rely on Transposit to improve workflow agility and keep services healthy so they can deliver more value to their business.


Mikka Cruzado
Bhava Communications for Transposit

Release Summary

Transposit announced new self-service automated workflows for AWS, GCP and Azure that empower CloudOps to move faster with assurance.


Mikka Cruzado
Bhava Communications for Transposit