North Bend School District Joins the Clean, Shared Air Movement with Alen Air Purifiers

2,800 students have an extra layer of protection from viruses and allergens

NORTH BEND, Ore.--()--The North Bend School District in Oregon today announced that it selected Alen to provide additional protection against the spread of COVID-19 in its four schools. The school ordered 158 units to protect every classroom and communal space for its 2,300 students. Alen is a trusted leader in high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) and is in more than 50,000 classrooms across the country purifying the air of allergens, dust, mold, bacteria and other aerosolized viruses, including COVID-19.

“We conducted significant research in our selection of Alen’s purifiers to protect our students, faculty and staff with the most efficient air purification system,” said Kevin Bogatin, Superintendent of North Bend School District. “Alen air purifiers supplement our current HVAC system to deliver powerful air cleaning capacity that is whisper-quiet, meets the 4-6 air changes per hour according to public health recommendations and has medical-grade True HEPA filtration.”

The purifiers have been placed in Hillcrest Elementary, North Bay Elementary, North Bend Middle School and North Bend High School. Air purifiers with the proper capacity for a classroom reduce virus particle counts, so an infected student is less likely to add enough particles to infect another student.

“The decision-makers at North Bend did their homework, and the families in their district should be proud and grateful for their dedication,” said Andy Graham, CEO of Alen. “We at Alen are dedicated to the science of air flow and how aerosol viruses travel, and we are on a mission to arm decision-makers with the facts. We are aligned with what scientists and experts are saying. There are three critical elements to consider: the number of air changes per hour, the need for true HEPA H13 filtration (not HEPA-like) and the need for a powerful system that can run constantly and equally important, quietly.”

Alen’s air purifiers use powerful specialized fans to pull air from around the room through a large HEPA filter to capture harmful microscopic particles. Independent lab tests show that Alen products capture over 99.4% of virus particles from a 1,0503 chamber within 20 minutes. With the mission to improve people’s quality of life by making healthier and safer shared spaces, Alen products do not emit harmful ozone and do not use UV (Ultraviolet) light.

“HVAC systems alone won’t clean the air, and if a unit is too loud, it gets turned off so students can hear the teacher,” said Graham. “Alen has the quietest large HEPA purifier on the market, so students and teachers are sharing clean air for better focus and better health.”

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