XSOC CORP's ‘XSOC Cryptosystem’ is Awarded FIPS 140-2 Certification

Validated cryptographic module available for immediate trial or license by developers, enterprise organizations and government agencies

IRVINE, Calif.--()--XSOC CORP, a leading developer of extensible, secure, optimized cryptographic tools, platforms and protocols announced today that the NVLAP Lab testing and validation processes have concluded, and its XSOC Cryptosystem has been awarded FIPS 140-2 certification (certificate #4038). https://csrc.nist.gov/projects/cryptographic-module-validation-program/certificate/4038

The XSOC Cryptosystem provides, developers and organizations now have access to one of the most effective data security tools ever developed and leads the data protection and encryption space based on its distinctive strength and speed characteristics. In addition, its small compact size and operational efficiency also classify it as “lightweight” encryption. This combination of strength, speed and “lightweight” efficiency make it the perfect choice for those looking for further leverage encryption in the environment or looking to upgrade or migrate to Quantum-Safe alternatives.

The XSOC Cryptosystem is called a “Cryptosystem” because of its unique ability to be optimized and “tuned” for the specific use case or security requirements at hand. Compared with standardized encryption/decryption algorithms whose limited strength and burdensome latency make them unpopular with IT and InfoSec professionals, the XSOC Cryptosystem realizes the potential of symmetric encryption and allows users and developers a straightforward and simple path for deploying encryption wherever it is needed, not just on a small portion of their data.

Data security and user privacy scenarios where the XSOC Cryptosystem’s unique characteristics and FIPS 140-2 certification give it the edge over all other (legacy) encryption offerings, include:

  • Audio/video/streaming media, ultra-low latency requirements within OT/ICS and Critical Infrastructure environments, resource constrained IoT/IIoT/IoBT devices, in conjunction with high-quality CSRNG or QRNG entropy sources, over Ad hoc or wireless/5G networks, as part of data retention strategies that addresses backups, storage, or long-term (cloud) archives.

Data that’s been encrypted using the XSOC Cryptosystem cannot be accessed, used or sold by unauthorized users. When used as part of cybersecurity framework that includes solid DR/BC policies and procedures, even devastating ransomware attacks can be significantly mitigated and nullified – saving companies millions of dollars and unnecessary downtime.

The XSOC Cryptosystem balances the needs of developers, integrators and enterprise users looking for encryption that is strong, fast, and efficient. Add to that its FIPS 140-2 certification, and the choice is clear.

EBP- Hyper-Fast Encrypted Data Transmission

Encrypted Broadcast Protocol (EBP) is a purpose-built network “protocol” that combines the high-performance transmission speeds (commonly associated with UDP transmission) and ultra-strong 512bit symmetric encryption security. EBP is used to send, share transfer, migrate or stream small to very large data packets, such as file data, audio, video, multimedia, and more big data, across internal or external networks, via on-premise or cloud storage repositories.

SOCKET- 3D Symmetric Key Exchange Platform

SOCKET is a uniquely secure, efficient, platform with no single points of failure for exchanging or distributing massive volumes of individual symmetric keys (generated by symmetric encryption algorithms. SOCKET’s unique 3D key sharding and symmetric key transmission platform was initially developed as a companion to the XSOC Cryptosystem – to minimize or eliminate reliance on outdated, cumbersome, or complication & costly alternatives such certificate-based PKI or QKD. SOCKET is completely extensible and can be utilized with any symmetric encryption algorithm, including legacy options such as (AES). SOCKET provides a secure solution for symmetric key exchange, enabling security in environments where TLS (SSL Certificates) are undesirable or infeasible.

WAN-SOCKET- Global Peer-to-Peer Key Distribution

WAN-SOCKET functions similarly to SOCKET but leverages peer-to-peer DHT networks in rapidly distributing massive volumes of symmetric encryption keys over global wide area networks. WAN-SOCKET provides users uniquely secure, always-on platform, to facilitate end-to-end encryption with low administrative overhead and maintenance. WAN-SOCKET is ideal for securing data transmissions from smart phones, mobile, IoT devices and websites.

“We are thrilled to be FIPS 140-2 certified. This is a huge step for XSOC CORP in showing our commitment to security and encryption,” said Richard Blech, XSOC CORP Founder & CEO. “With FIPS 140-2 validation, we can show support federal government organizations, healthcare systems and more with the highest levels of confidence in cryptographic practices.”

Additional Resources

For more information on the NIST CRSC Cryptographic Module Validation Program: https://csrc.nist.gov/projects/cryptographic-module-validation-program

For more information on XSOC CORP: https://www.xsoccorp.com/


Founded in 2018, XSOC CORP is based in Irvine, CA, with a senior management and technology engineering team that has developed four ground-breaking products in the areas of advanced, optimizable, symmetric cryptosystem encryption, both local and global symmetric key exchange mechanisms, and an optimized, high-performance, secure transmission protocol.

These four products; XSOC, EBP, SOCKET, and WAN-SOCKET have wide market appeal in mitigating cyber risk and increasing organizational cyber resilience. XSOC CORP works with software developers, hardware and device ​OEMs, systems integrators, as well as military/law enforcement/government agencies. For partnership consideration please send emails to: info@xsoccorp.com and use “sales partner” in the subject field.

For more information on XSOC CORP, email info@xsoccorp.com, on the web at https://www.xsoccorp.com or via Twitter @XSOC_CORP


AEGISOLVE is the industry leader in providing Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 140-2) testing and validation certification and is accredited in accordance with the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR, Title 15, Part 285), National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program administered by NIST (NVLAP Lab Code: 200802-0).


Dan Chmielewski
Madison Alexander PR


Dan Chmielewski
Madison Alexander PR