CrowdHealth Raises $6M to Develop a Tech Enabled Healthcare Toolbox to Give You Freedom From Health Insurance

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Today, our journey to revolutionize the way we pay for healthcare begins.

For 30 years, the middle class has experienced no real income growth due to the increasing costs of health insurance.

Now the middle class has a new way to pay for healthcare.

Every year, 250,000 people declare bankruptcy due to medical bills despite having health insurance. Quality healthcare is now affordable.

Doctors can now rediscover the joy of practicing medicine without health insurers invading the patient-doctor relationship.

Americans who are victims of medical price gouging, predatory bill collection and garnished wages now have an ally.

If we want our children and grandchildren to continue to have access to the best healthcare practitioners in the world, our system to pay for medical care must change,” said Andy Schoonover, CEO and founder of CrowdHealth. “If we want to unleash the growth potential of the middle class, small businesses and entrepreneurs, we must stand up to the perverse incentive systems within healthcare that have robbed them of opportunities to flourish.”

We have gathered an incredibly talented team and a group of skilled investors to do just that.

We are excited to announce that we have raised a $6 million investment round, led by Next Coast Ventures and Activate Venture Partners, to form CrowdHealth, a new solution that frees Americans from health insurance. CrowdHealth is a technology platform and a set of tools that enable people to fund their healthcare expenses outside the traditional health insurance system.

The app-based tools we provide our Community include:

  • The latest innovation in fintech, allowing our Community to aggregate crowdsourced funds to pay doctors quickly and directly.
  • A nationwide doctor quality and cost database that empowers Members to make informed decisions about their care without the limitation of restrictive networks.
  • Highly engaged, personalized Care Advocacy to help our Community navigate their health journeys.
  • Negotiation and legal services that fight for our Community when dealing with outrageous bills.
  • Access to deeply discounted prescription drugs.

By eliminating insurance plan middlemen, reimagining the healthcare payment system and empowering doctors to direct care choices, CrowdHealth will help our Community significantly reduce their out-of-pocket expenses when compared to plans.

We invite you to join us on this journey at


Media Inquiries:
Grace Bicehouse


Media Inquiries:
Grace Bicehouse