Sports Are Back, and Worldplay’s Vidflex Sports Streaming Technology Is Taking Them Further

CALGARY, Alberta--()--After a lengthy pause, many sporting events are resuming in a new reality, with at times, uncertainties or limitations of in-person attendance. As a result, many sports leagues are now updating their approach to include video streaming technology to share events, games, and even player training and development. Video streaming is now, more than ever, giving sports organizations the ability to expand their fan connectivity virtually.

Worldplay (Canada) Inc., a Calgary-based leader in innovative video technology, has employed its Vidflex Sports video platform to provide a wide variety of sports teams, leagues, associations, and organizers with a competitive video platform to accelerate their fan impact in the shifting sports marketplace.

Vidflex Sports video technology enhances the management, distribution, and viewing experience of sporting events and skill development videos; adding a layer of virtual fans to supplement traditional in-arena fans. Additionally, Vidflex Sports’ capabilities give athletes, coaches, officials, and managers a flexible solution to host an unlimited amount of video content to rely on for coaching, training, and player and official development. The video platform is also being readily adopted for sport-related events, such as online AGMs and award ceremonies.

Recently, a customer using Vidflex Sports technology was named “Community Business Leader of the Year” by the Port Coquitlam Sport Alliance. The award recognized the outstanding work done for the city in hosting and streaming a series of hockey and lacrosse practices and games for multiple teams, facilitated with the Vidflex Sports streaming technology. The honour speaks volumes to the importance of sports video management during a time that their sports community was affected by attendance restrictions. The efforts to integrate Vidflex Sports into the local arenas allowed for live game and event streaming so that families and fans could continue to watch their favourite teams and players despite restrictions.

Beyond hosting games and events, Vidflex Sports also provides each of its growing list of customers with a branded video platform to build their sports community, earn revenue, and share training videos. Having built custom video platforms for a number of notable sports associations in Canada and the U.S., Vidflex Sports offers flexible options to current customers, including Hockey Canada, Alberta Lacrosse Association, Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (multisport collegiate), Canadian Junior Football League, Tuff Hedeman Bull Riding Tour, B.C. Football Conference, Real Cast Media, HNLive, B.C. Sports TV (lacrosse leagues), 3sixtylive, Jump Alberta (equestrian), Global Coach TV (Global Sport Academy), and Figure It Out Baseball.

From specialty sports like equestrian show jumping to widely popular sports like hockey, baseball, football, and lacrosse, Vidflex Sports has proven to be successful in building video platforms that give its sport-based clients a competitive advantage with professional video management and online audience engagement. Ultimately, Vidflex Sports provides each customer with a versatile video-powered media center that:

  • Allows for live game streaming and VOD storage
  • Enhances coach development
  • Facilitates seamless streaming
  • Builds a sports community
  • Supports athletic skill training
  • Allows secure video communication

Sports content aggregators have also benefited from hosting their own network of sports enterprises. Unlike teams and leagues, sports aggregators do not own their content directly but have the ability to stream games and events for their own customers, all on branded video platforms. As a bonus, these aggregators can offer video production services while providing different and creative pricing models depending on their customers’ needs, including revenue sharing & straight cost per GB streamed.

Of further importance, each of Vidflex Sports’ customers is generating ad revenue sponsorship through pre-roll and banner ads from their own key sponsors. This means that each customer has complete control over which advertisers they choose to appear on their videos. Additionally, customers have the ability to retain 100% of all net revenue, which can be used as a revenue generation tool, or reinvested into athletic programs through coach & player development, training programs, filming more videos, and hiring more coaches.

Also, Vidflex Sports customers have access to their very own dashboard with real-time analytics. These instantaneous reports provide customers with valuable insights as to how their videos are performing through informative key performance indicators, such as:

  • Number of viewers
  • Total & average viewing time
  • Viewer location

Most importantly, Vidflex Sports makes it simple to stream and monetize live and on-demand video content through single game or event pay-per-view and season pass subscription packages. Best of all, customers don’t need any special skills or equipment to host & share quality videos and have the freedom to create their video website as they see fit.

With the ability to reach global audiences both large and small, Vidflex Sports acts as a versatile video platform for post-secondary sports teams, professional & house leagues, and sports content aggregators. Whether sports organizations are grappling with in-person audience restrictions, travel limitations, or venue complications, sports streaming is an effective and efficient way to navigate an increasingly virtual world.

Even as sporting events begin to migrate back to traditional, in-person venues, the benefits of sports streaming cannot be understated. Though the necessity of streaming emerged during the pandemic, virtual attendance is quickly becoming a preferred viewing method and ideal way to distribute large volumes of meaningful and entertaining video content to desired audiences.

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Brett McConkey